Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Comparison of the Five Days of Mascara

Over the course of the five days of mascara, I realized that perhaps I didn't know what I was looking for in a mascara. Mostly because my go-to mascara had it all. To review, the five mascaras I tried out were:
If I had to rank them based on how they worked out for me it would be as follows:
  1. Lights, Camera, Lashes! (LCL)
  2. Voluminous False Lashes (VFL)
  3. Doll Lashes
  4. Fleur De Lash (FDL) & Projectionist
Get to know those acronyms because the names alone are a lot to type. :) LCL might be a little bit better than VFL because it lengths and volumizes -- it extends the natural curl a bit. The only catch is that it doesn't thicken  which is something I enjoy about mascara. The other thing is that LCL beats out VFL edgewise because it lasts throughout the day. LCL can be a bit clumpy as well, but on the other hand the VFL was a tiny bit flaky. LCL requires a slight touch-up throughout the day in order to continue to hold the curl and volumize which is the exact same for VFL. But as I already mentioned, LCL thickens and gives a nice dark appearance which is fantastic if you're going for a darker look (or a cat eye).

FDL and Projectionist are almost exactly the same except there was a key difference. First let's cover the basics. Both create a widened eye (let's call it "whimsy" for fun) sort of look. Each lash will be properly defined but they will not volumize. Furthermore they will not lengthen. This means that they don't do anything at all. The FDL will slowly disappear without any kind of residue if you don't touch it up throughout the day. This means that means you won't have much to build upon (if it even works for you in the first place). With the Projectionist, the look was gone by the end of the day but the residue remained. Whimsy look gone, but there was definitely still mascara coated on my lashes. I'd recommend skipping both of them.

Doll Lashes. Well, I really wanted to love it. Unfortunately it is only marginally higher than FDL and Projectionist. It did separate each lash and it did darken my lashes just a little, which is much more than FDL or Projectionist did. But that was it. You should probably skip this one too.

So the bright side is that I know what I have to compare all other mascaras to. LCL and/or VFL. I highly recommend them both. That is till another mascara comes along. o_O


  1. Very good review. I'll have to check my makeup hoard to see if I have at least one of these lying around. I'm going to start wearing a little bit of makeup to work again. It would be a nice pick me up to crazy work weeks. I also need to wear mascara to keep my eyelashes from trying to blind me. Do yours sometimes poke you in your eye?

  2. @spialelo Thank you! I'm trying to make an effort now to experiment with different looks which is why I just got the UNII. My eyelashes don't poke me but they also are a bit curled upward on their own.



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