Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review: e.l.f. Essential Liquid Eyeliner

Last week I took out some time to try out e.l.f.'s liquid eyeliners and I am quite happy with the results. When I first got the liquid eyeliners and I did the swatches, I had a decent idea of what to expect (based on the fine tip brush alone) but I have to say, the staying power surprised me. Unfortunately I did not take the "8 Hours Later" picture because I got busy but here are the morning shots along with some comments.

In this picture I am wearing the black liquid eyeliner from e.l.f. (and I have on Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara) and that's it. The eyeliner held it's own and didn't need much touching up. Given the fine point of the brush that comes with it, it was very easy to control and overall made me quite happy.

At the end of the day it didn't quite have the same sheen however it held up very nicely, retaining the colour and definition. I'm almost tempted to buy a few more and keep them in my random makeup bags because I've been that impressed by the black liquid eyeliner.

In comparison to the teal, the formula wasn't as watery and therefore not as runny. I can reiterate here that yes, this means better control, better lines, better overall except what worries me is that how do I know when the brush is going to be thick or fine? See for the teal and plum eyeliner, the brushes were much thicker than the black's fine tip which lends itself to brand uncertainty as there isn't consistency. Aside from my own worry about this, the e.l.f. eyeliner is great but it just needs to be this great every single time.

In this picture this is not just the plum liquid liner. If you refer back to my posts about the swatches, you'll note that given the brush it doesn't distribute the liquid evenly creating a parallel line on my lids. Which is not a look I was going for. In order to close the gap, I used the pencil eyeliner in electric purple, which is a tad bit brighter than the plum.

The pencil eyeliner really made the eyeliner pop giving a vibrant appearance. But the liquid eyeliner cannot hold it's own so you will probably have to get a pencil or something that will fill in the gaps.

Together they lasted the entire day. Since the pencil eyeliner lent a smudgy appearance, I can't really say that this combination's definition held up but at the very least the colour did. Even if it was all on the Electric Purple. There was much more control with the plum eyeliner but still a bit lacking.

Product: Essential Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Price: $1
Would Recommend? Yes, with caution though.
Takeaway: Great eyeliner overall as it is long lasting, easy to apply, easy to take off, and the colour is long lasting. The caution is just the fact that the tip of the brush may be a gamble and if you get the right one then you're good; if you don't then you may have issues applying it.

Product: Essential Liquid Eyeliner in Plum
Price: $1
Would Recommend? No.
Takeaway: Doesn't hold up on it's own; problems with the brush means that it ends up creating parallel lines. It heavily depends on complementary liners to fill it out.

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