Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!

Since I've recently realized that I have quite a few mascaras on hand (thanks to my obsession with eyeliner) and I think it's about time I actually tried to figure out the differences between them. I currently have five so each day I will try to "review" each one. For the contenders, here's a picture

Day 1 of Five Mascaras!

So before we can start, you sadly should know what my eyelashes are like. Thus the picture to the right are three quick shots of my eyes. These three were taken late at night with no makeup or good lightning. However you can see that my lashes are somewhat on the full side. Generally when I use mascara I am using it for the cat eye look however as you will see in the following pictures, I didn't go for that this time. Instead I'm focusing on what the mascara does.

A brief aside about today's "experiment," this is not my first time braving the world with this mascara. It's one of my staples that I have used for about a year. Since I've recently acquired two new mascaras, I figure it was time I did an actual comparison. I certainly do have my qualms with it.

To the right is the morning shots of just the mascara. My eyelashes appear much fuller or rather, a bit longer. They seem a bit more defined but what I trully like about it is the curl. You might not be able to see it, but in the third picture there is quite a curl to my lashes which I love about this mascara. That curl occurs without an eyelash curler.

The problems I have with this mascara however is that it can be a bit on the thick side. It takes a few coats (about 3-4) to really achieve the look but the true failing is in the clumps. I think the first two coats can achieve the look but the third and fourth swipe are about getting the lashes to loosen up a bit.

If you click on the picture to the left and look at the bottom shot, you might see the little clumps that I'm referring to. Is it bothersome? Not really. As the day progresses, they kind of just vanish.

On the right is what it looked like after about 8 hours. And as you might have figured, it's no longer as dramatic. There's still a bit there but it's definitely a segue. 

Obviously, I don't count that against it but one definitely needs to keep in mind that they have to touch it up at some point throughout the day (or night).

Product: Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!
Price: $19
Would Recommend? Yes
Takeaway: Great for lengthening and defining but can be a bit clumpy. Remember to touch up if you wear it for an extended period of time.


  1. My current mascara is a small sample of Bad gal Lash by benefit. It's pretty good. It doesn't clump, which is good. I wouldn't have bought it for myself, but it was free Sephora birthday gift, so I gave it a try. It doesn't beat my Body Shop mascara. I got it as a sample first, then a friend got it for me when she used to work there. It's amazing. However, I recently purchased Maybelline: The Falsies, so I will have to give that a try. Have you tried primers?

  2. @spialelo I've tried primers but they didn't make much of a difference for me. I probably just need to change primers though (which is something I'll get into later).

    I have three other mascaras to get through but despite the minor clumps, this mascara tends to achieve the look I want. Today I'm trying out Lancome's Doll Lashes and later tonight I'll post about how it holds up.



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