Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review: Estée Lauder Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara

Day 5 of the five mascaras! I'll probably do a brief of the five of them after this post. 

This was my first time trying it out; it was knocking around the bottom of my makeup bag because it was given to me as a gift and then I forgot about it. This morning when I put it on, I was surprised by it. 

Now, it certainly didn't add any volume but it did give my lashes a bit of a lift. If anything they appeared a bit more darker than usual. 

Each lash seemed properly defined giving off a bit of a widened eye look. But it didn't add much to my overall look. Well, aside from the devious appearance of looking a little bit more awake than usual. 

After the 8 hours, although I could feel the residue of the mascara, it didn't look like it was present. Meaning that my eyelashes were coated so I could feel it but no visible difference. 

So I was slightly puzzled as I thought about which mascara this might remind me of (because when I'm puzzled by a new mascara I compare it to an older one). I grabbed the Tarina Tarantino Fleur De Lash and realized they were almost identical with the exception that the Fleur De Lash did completely wear off by the end of the day. There was no hint of residue.

So while they are very similar, the only difference is that at the end of the day, at least my eyelashes didn't feel like they were caked and anxiously awaiting to be cleaned. What this means is that the Fleur De Lash might just be a better. But I'll compare all five of them a bit later.

I don't mind touching up mascara throughout the day but this means that it's very likely to be difficult to build upon coats or even touch it up throughout the day. We're talking the standard residue without the definition which is a huge flaw in this mascara. 

Product: Estée Lauder Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara
Price: $19
Would Recommend? No
Takeaway: Offers some definition but lacks volume offers nothing else. While residue remains after 8 hours, it's not actually doing anything.

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