Friday, December 16, 2011

Reaching for that Dry Shampoo

I'm going to start by stating that I don't use "dry shampoo" at least not any of those that you can find on the shelf at a store that have purposely packaged for as such. I do however use a blend of powders to achieve the same thing.

To start with the tools that I use mostly consist of Lancôme brushes. Sorry Lancôme, I adore the company but the amount of brushes my mom had accumulated throughout the years is ridiculous. I once raided her stash and managed to get the brushes that you see in the right picture. Now I definitely don't use them all, I cycle through two at a time, alternating between washes.

As I mentioned, I use a powder so the brushes make it very easy to brush on the powder as lightly as possible. Since oiliness in my hair tends to occur in the front, it's nice know that even if I brush it on too thick, I still stand the chance of brushing it out (rather than applying the powder directly to my hair with my hands).

About that powder now (which is in an old Lush container). I use a cornstarch based baby powder -- which means that you can use either plain cornstarch, baby powder that is cornstarch, or standard baby powder that has talc. It's really your preference here, I opt for cornstarch baby powder because of the light scent. What I alter about it is it's colour which is achievable by using old powder foundation.

I couldn't quite capture the colour of it in the picture, but it's a light brown mostly because I broke down old powders into it. Prior to use Bare Escentuals, I used two different types of Physicians' Formula Mineral foundation and when I switched I wasn't sure what to do with the remaining powders, especially because they were 50% used. Well, I tossed them into my hair powder and voilà, I now have a dry shampoo that doesn't require much blending in.

Obviously if you don't happen to have older foundation powders just lying around, you can opt for just buying a cheap powder to mix in. One that immediately comes to mind is e.l.f.'s Mineral Foundation. Of course, I'm not advocating you just waste powders like that but if you find that their $5 powder doesn't work then at least you have another use for it.

Not to mention another use for large brushes that aren't quite usable and old Lush containers.

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