Thursday, December 22, 2011

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips

Admittedly every time I have seen these in the store I glanced over them and wished that the yellow undertones of my skin wouldn't just devour all the colour, thus rendering the palette useless. This has been one of the things that always gets to me. See I know that talk has been that the PF Nude Eyes Shimmer Strips is a decent dupe of the Urban Decay Naked palette, so long as you use a primer. I also always figured that neither of them would work out well for me, but I figured (after a refreshingly long day) that I would try anyway. But before I could work my way up to the actual Naked palette, I should probably try out a dupe. Because eyeshadows and I have never gotten along very well. 

Well, no swatches here needed mostly because with or without a primer, the majority of the palette disappeared on me.

Let's start with the Nude palette. That's the one on the bottom, adorned in black lace with a pink bow (and says "Nude" along the top but I do want to mention that the packaging is quite cute).

If you're not familiar with the packaging then here's the way to look at it, 9 colours, divided into groups of 3. Each 3 represent a certain look that you could be aiming for. So taking the Nude palette the first is trio #3 which is dramatic, the second being playful, and the third being natural.

Natural (the three on the right of the Nude palette) vanished on me. When I tried to do swatches on my hands and wrists, the colour vanished leaving a bit of shimmer. Next up was Playful which was the group in the center which also vanished on me. The last trio was dramatic and that actually did show up on me! Problem being that I already know that black will show up on my skin, even a nice accentuating dark brown will show up. So, I'm not disappointed, nor am I surprised. It verified what I already knew; my skin hates these colours.

Next up was the Eye Candy Collection for Brown Eyes (top palette) and the trios break down in the same manner. The results were a little bit different but not by much. Natural and Dramatic didn't really show up, however the Playful trio did but that was because of the purple shade. Once again, I was not surprised nor disappointed however... and this is important... the box does recommend that you try it out as either wet or dry so my lack of disappointment was further held off.

Everything above was written for the dry application as well as over a primer. I did, in one last ditch attempt, try out the eyeshadows while they were wet. Judging by how they went on dry, I decided to experiment with the Eye Candy collection because the shades were darker and if there were any difference to be seen between dry and wet eyeshadows, the Eye Candy collection would show it.

I played around with the Playful and Dramatic trio (so that's the 6 shades that are found on the left of the top palette) and they really did pop. They blended well and the colours just kind of came alive. But that does mean that while there was a bit more colour, there wasn't a lot (consider the shade and my skin tone). The things that worried me was longevity and what would happen after a full day of wearing it. It didn't come around to that. After 2 hours, the Dramatic trio slowly faded, leaving behind minute clumps of where the wet eyeshadow was applied. So my suspicions were confirmed; these palettes will not work for me; neither wet or dry. But at least I finally tried it!

Product: Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner, Universal Looks, Nude Eyes
Price: $11.79 at CVS
Would Recommend? No
Takeaway: Although I have read reviews about how this is decent dupe for Naked, the colours just don't do anything for me.

Product: Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner, Eye Candy Collection
Price: $10.99 at CVS
Would Recommend? No
Takeaway: While using them wet will get the colours to really come out, after an hour it turns out to be a bit cakey. When they are dry, the colours of this palette also has nothing to offer.

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