Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review: Lancôme HYPNÔSE Doll Lashes

Day 2 of the Five Mascaras!

For a refresher, you can click here for a picture of the contenders and click here for a picture of what my eyes (without makeup) looks like.

Now when I heard about Lancôme's Doll Lashes, I just had to get it because despite every review I read about it, I grew up with Lancôme so I have a certain bit of brand loyalty going for me here. My mom still religiously uses Lancôme and I don't blame her, it's treated her well over the years. Except that she has perfect skin with no issues and I have weird combination skin. (I still do use Lancôme products from time to time, but my staples don't include this brand anymore and I'll get into the reasoning another time).

Anyhow, I find Lancôme's packaging to be incredibly adorable. So I with my last Sephora haul, I treated myself to it. Today was my first day wearing it out and seeing how it could hold up to 8 hours.

This was the morning shot and when I first put it on I realized that this was something I just couldn't make good use out of it. It did darken my lashes a bit and gave the slight appearance of being widened but the reality was that that fell short after an hour or two.

It looked as though I had no mascara on because keep in mind that while you can see a bit of it here, that was after wrangling several shots to see any kind of change in my eyes. 

So after all that anticipation and build up, I was left disheartened as I returned it to Sephora. 

No volume, no curl. But I've heard great things about it's predecessor, HYPNÔSE DRAMA. So perhaps if I find myself unhappy with any of the others left in the challenge, Drama might  be next. 

Price: $25
Would Recommend? No
Takeaway: It didn't do anything for me to be honest.

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