Monday, December 5, 2011

The Brush Rack

This weekend I had set out the task of building myself a rack in which I could dry my makeup brushes. After all, I have a whole new set of the e.l.f. brushes coming soon so it's about time I finally do it right. Well, partially right. So brushes are supposed to be cleaned after every use but if you use them everyday that means they get cleaned once a week (if it's my brush, anyway) but they are supposed to be "hung" to dry. Sure you can lay them flat to dry but water could still seep in and disintegrate that lovely glue. 

The original plan was to build something like the image to the left. Okay, looking beyond the very crude drawing here the basic set up is a box with three clothespins on the top. 

I'd decorate the box so that it didn't look completely odd when it wasn't in use (clearly I put more emphasis into decor than I do anything else).

A trip to Michael's and we found everything that I would need. Balsa wood, wood stain, wood glue, and lots of gorgeous little flowers. 

Then I remembered that I wanted to get "The Masters" Brush Cleaner and of course, to my surprise, Michael's had the very thing that I wanted to build in a much simpler format. The Aluminum Brush Washer is perfect if you're looking for a way of hanging brushes to dry.

I've only tried it out with two of my brushes and both of which have much thicker handles. Now I can't imagine this working with the kabuki brushes so I suspect that I'll be sticking with Dustin Hunter's method for drying them out.

There's a ton of different ways like stringing them up or hanging them from a hanger (via rubber bands and paper clips) but I lack the space for this. So having a small area where the brushes are confined works out great for me.

If you go off looking for this it is sure to be in the brush section with the cleansers. Not all art stores carry it so be aware of this before hand. I found perchance in Michael's yet my go-to online art stores didn't have it. Check out your local art store as they might just have it in stock.

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