November Twenty-Eighth

I've written about makeup before on a few other (now defunct) blogs and for a while I had converted an older blog to writing about makeup. However I just didn't have the time to keep up with it. And I'm certainly not saying that I have the time now but it's been on the back of my mind for a while now. So perhaps this time I'll be a little bit successful.

This blog combines two (or three) things that I really like doing.
  1. Writing. I'm kind of long winded, but I love writing and it's my secret passion. And untimely and shrewd muse.
  2. Experimenting with a new medium.
  3. Putting one of my pets pictures of with a silly caption (see below).
I do enjoy makeup and I consider the face to be a wonderful canvas. That said, I've always been around a lot of makeup but I've never really spent the time to play with it. So in that aspect I'm quite... naive. I know that there's no lack of makeup blogs out there but I can't imagine that all the errors I've had would be for naught. Thus in spite of telling myself for months that it would be useless to create one of these, I've gone ahead and done it anyway. 

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or feel like contradicting me, throw it my way. I still need to refine my method of posting so I am most welcome to any kind of feedback. 

About my skin and hair: Warm Tan (or Olive. Better yet, I'm Indian... looking). My face is combination that tends to fluctuate based on weather. The usual scenario is that my face is dry with a moderately oily T-zone. If I'm in a humid climate my face becomes completely oily. I have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. To get a better understanding of where the "starting point" is, you can check out my list of makeup staples.

About the products: I don't get reimbursed or gain anything from this blog but I do have the minor hope that it would be helpful to someone. Any unwanted or makeup deemed unnecessary is promptly cleaned and sanitized before either shipping them off to my Mom's charity drive or I swap them on MakeupAlley. In the event that this isn't held true (such as when I am reviewing items from the VoxBox) there will be a disclaimer in the post.

About the blog design: I used the regular Blogger templates however a very special thank you to Din Pattern for the spiffy tile image.

With love from Sebastian Jinx.


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