Thursday, April 18, 2013

Find This For Me: Black Lipstick

Every once in a while a friend will ask me to recommend or simply find some type of item for them. Usually I prefer to recommend things that I've used myself but sometimes I don't really have the opportunity to do so. Thus a new series of blog posts has begun which is tentatively called "Find This For Me." If you have anything you'd like me to search for, drop me a line.

A few weeks ago, Nikki asked me about black lipstick -- now it's been awhile since I've rocked a black lipstick. Sure, I still guard my tube of Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers black lipstick tube (you can check that out here), but a quality tube for everyday use? A fondly recall a limited edition MAC greyish black that I was given as a teenager (and no, I'm not talking about MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Black Knight) but neither of those can really be found. So, I started with that which I know of:

While these four brands are the ones that I'm most familiar with, that doesn't mean I've tried their lipsticks. Also Black Widow Balm specializes in balms so if you're looking for a true lipstick, then that might not be the best bet. Here are some other ones I managed to find as well:

If you know of any others out there (or can attest to the quality of these), comment away! I'm sure Nikki would enjoy the feedback. 

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