Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review: JĀSÖN Moisturizing 84% Aloe Vera Conditioner

I will completely admit that I don't worry about conditioner as much any more. Since switching to Pure Clean that is the one item in my routine that is never out of stock. The shampoos that I use are generally missing but the conditioner? Not once in the year that I switched has it ever been missing so as a result, I don't try out very many alternatives. When one of my housemates was cleaning up though, he came across this full bottle in his stash so he handed it to me. 

That was a while ago... I needed to get through the previous conditioner first. So now it's been a few weeks since I switched over and let's start by not knowing how old this conditioner is. The reason why I say that is because it seemed a bit chunky at first, but I shook the bottle up and while it's a bit hard to get out of the bottle cap, the texture is fine. My assumption is that given the nature of this type of conditioner, it may have separated a bit.

What is this type of conditioner? It's one that is formulated without parabens, SLS, or phthalates. It also looks that it doesn't have any cones either (but it does have proteins). The conditioner itself relies on the aloe vera so the scent itself follows the predominant ingredient. 

All of that aside, I actually love the wonders cast on my hair as a result of this conditioner. I waited a while before I posted simply because my shampoo regime was up in the air for a bit but since I'm back to my shampoo staples, I could finally properly give this conditioner the review it needed. The thing I love is that my hair has been it's bouncy and wurly self. It hasn't been weighed down and it just feels fantastic.

The one thing that drives me nuts is that if I'm out of conditioner, I can't just run into my local drugstore to grab it. I am seriously considering the addition of this conditioner to my permanent hair care routine because my hair has been so happy with it. (As a result, I want to try the shampoos out now). This has definitely been a great item that I'm glad my housemate felt like giving up. :)

Product: JĀSÖN Moisturizing 84% Aloe Vera Conditioner
Price: $8.97
Stars: ★★★★★
Takeaway: A great lightweight conditioner that has made my hair felt incredibly soft, bouncy, and thus allowing the wurls to really take shape. Overall a great conditioner that I have no complaints about. 

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