Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Series 2 (Prototypes), Complete

After what I like to call a varietal of ailments, I finally managed to complete Series 2. This is basically practice round two and there were a lot of lessons learned here. Mostly that I should stick to smaller batches. I'll be doing one more series (practice) before figuring out what the next steps are.

Series Two is also named after my friends -- this time I decided to use something else that was close to their hearts in order to achieve a variety of colours. This decision came after the infamous "What is your favourite colour?" question went wrong (almost everyone I asked had said a variant of purple). 

They are officially named after the person they were "inspired" by but below I'll give you some alternate names to help you figure out what the underlying factor was. As aforementioned (at least, I think I mentioned this), the prototype series is not for sale and was only created as a lesson in colour mixing. 

On the left for this green blend is Tinker-Devi and on the left is Devi. Tinker-Devi is much lighter than it's counterpart. I revised the colour after swatches because I didn't feel that it hit the right notes of green. Of the swatches below, Tinker-Devi is the middle and Devi is the right. If I had to come up with another name for this one, it would likely be: "Stubbornness is Innate." (On the left of the swatches is Mariel).

Mariel, Tinker-Devi, and Devi.

Mariel, Tinker-Devi, and Devi.

Mariel came out spot on. At first I envisioned a darker purple but realized during the mixing process that this was very fitting for what it needed to be. An alternate name would like be: "Disappearing Act."

While I'm quite happy with the way "Jamie" came out, it wasn't exactly what I was hoping to achieve and ended up being more like another blend I had in mind for the future. In the swatches above, it is the middle one -- it is a silver colour with copious amounts of pink. An alternate name would like be "Oh Bother."

Kayla came out to be spot on and I was really happy with the way it turned out. An alternative name would likely be "The Golden Dress."

Finally there's Tabitha -- with the first go, I wasn't happy with the jelly like vibe it gave off (you can see the original in the previous photograph above on the right). It came out too light for my liking and what it was supposed to represent so I revisited it. The final colour was exactly what I wanted it to be. Alternative names would be: The Dragon, Breathing Green Fire

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