Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Blast From Halloween Past

Ever since I was a kid, Halloween held a special place in my heart. Let's skip the variety of reasons and go right to the silly reason. It was because during a time when most nail polish companies were afraid to put out a black, Wet n' Wild stepped up to the plate and every Halloween would release black nail polishes. Since they costs about $2 (sometimes a dollar on sale), I'd buy 2-3 bottles. They were the only nail polishes to date that I'd finish.

Moving away from New York for some reason meant a reduction in Halloween makeup items. Now maybe it's because retailers have more investment in Christmas so they start moving products for Halloween off the shelves before Halloween has even hit. Some don't even get Halloween items in stock and just skip it entirely in lieu for the sweet Christmas payout. For the Halloweenies, like myself, this leaves quite the scramble. This year, a few stores had some of the Wet n' Wild lineup, but not everything.

Going through my stash I found some classics in there. 

Behold! I still have a Black Pearl nail polish, an old tube of black lipstick (old packaging!), and a MegaSlicks in a translucent shiny... white? The MegaSlicks is not officially part of the Fantasy Makers line; if memory serves correctly, this was their first venture into the glow in the dark line without focusing too much on glow in the dark. As a result, it wasn't released as an official Halloween item. I could be wrong as my memory is a bit fuzzy about this item, but I do remember buying it with some other glow in the dark products years ago (I'm talking about almost 10 years ago).

So here are some old notes I have about them because I remember buying them for an Undead Bride costume. The nail polish... well it chips easily. Years of using this nail polish has taught me that much. I recently purchased a Zoya in Raven to replace my constant dependence on this nail polish. It gets the job done if you only plan on painting your nails black once but if you're looking for a long term solution, try OPI or Zoya.

The black lipstick is quite pigmented but not enough. I wore the lipstick without any liner (this was just a test run, not the final look). I can't remember if it lasts but luckily I'll have the chance to find out this Halloween since my new costume is Edward Scissorhands. 

The "translucent" lip gloss-- well, it's not quite translucent. To me it smells like a sugary blueberries whereas my friend said it smells like Sweet Tarts. It has a lot of hints of green in it which was really hard to capture in the light. While it seems a bit odd on it's own, I highly suggest pairing it with the black.

Below you can see the black lipstick with the lip gloss dotted along the back in the center. I think that together they look amazing (but you can be the judge for yourself.

Unfortunately I can't find these products online for sale, but if you have a local store that carries Wet n' Wild then you might be able to find them there. Please keep in mind that the packaging for the lip gloss and the lipstick might have changed. All the items are sold for under $5 each.


  1. I own the vamp colored nail polish and lipstick from that line. I found the lipstick recently. I just need to locate the nail polish.

    1. Did they switch to just boxed this year? I feel as though my local stores didn't even get the full lineup in stock. Which is sad... I need them for my costume.

    2. Sorry. My comment was a bit misleading. I bought the Vamp set some years back. I just recently found it in my stock pile of makeup. I'm thinking I threw away the nail polish, for the reason you listed. I kept the lipstick. Maybe a day will come, when I'm daring enough to wear it. We can always do an eBay search. :)



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