Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Essence of Beauty Blender Brushes (LE)

For some reason, I had thought that I wrote about this back in December since that is when I added it into my rotation of wedges and sponges for makeup application. My apologies for the delay on this one! I first got wind of this one in early December and decided that I needed to get it because it was purple. When I finally came across it at my nearby CVS, I had to purchase it since it was the last one available. (Since then, they seem to come and go somewhat sporadically for a limited edition item). 

Sponges (wedges, the Beauty Blender, and this item) have quickly become my favourite tools in my makeup kit. I don't think I fully appreciated foundation or blush till I made the switch and that's because it requires a whole new attention to detail. One that admittedly did not have till I had to use a sponge and realized that this was colour that I was layering on my face and that it actually needed to be blended properly. Brushes, for whatever reason, don't tend to pick up enough of the product for application so it often looks like I'm not wearing any foundation or blush at all. The reason why I go into this depth is so that we can paint a picture of the difference between a brush and wedge in my makeup kit.

Now consider the Beauty Blender Brush, it's a much small surface area when compared to a wedge/sponge or even a brush. It does pick up a lot of product for application, but given that it's not as soft, it's a bit more targeted. Which means that the application can be heavy in a spot or rather, very clear lines can appear which means that I have to be even more careful when using this type of a blender brush.

It's been a fun one to use though -- I definitely enjoy using it since it I can't be as careless in the morning when I apply my makeup. I notice that it does as good of a job as the Beauty Blender. It is a bit of a pain to clean though since it doesn't fit into the rack and the sponge can end up quite heavy as a result of the water so hanging it isn't really a good option for it. I will say that just propping it upward has worked out just fine. That's been the slight relief about sponges in general; it usually doesn't matter how they hang, lay, or are positioned to dry because the only thing it can effect (if applicable) is the shape depending on what type it is.

Product: Essence of Beauty Blender Brushes (LE)
Price: ~$7
Stars: ★★★★☆
Takeway: Easy to use but it has a smaller surface area which kind of puts it in between an actual brush and sponge for me. While it's a slight pain to clean it and dry it, it's still nice to use from time to time.

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