Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: Les Tai Tai Model Mirror

For the longest time, I had this mirror on my wishlist telling myself that one day I'd get it because I thought it was a great concept and Les Tai Tai had the best reviews. My friend surprised me and got the mirror for me and I was ecstatic. I immediately grabbed some batteries and tried to open the latch. Turns out that the latch is incredibly hard to open and it ended up becoming distorted as both myself and my boyfriend tried to open it. 

The picture to the right is what it looked liked after the first few attempts. I wrote back to both Les Tai Tai and the company that my friend got it from. Les Tai Tai simply responded with, "It can only be opened with a coin." Well, turns out that only a nickel will work on the latch and if it's already distorted then nothing will work to get it open. (It's actually much worse now, which I will admit is partially my own fault). The company it was purchased it from went silent after about a week or two. So if you're wondering why I mentioned this first instead of at the end, it's simply because this will clearly not be a long lasting item.

Of course, I do love the product -- the gold skull is just wonderful and the mirror itself works great. It came in a pouch that fits it well. Oh and not to mention that the lights on it are quite bright. Overall, this would be great but those lights are bright and one day, those lights will require new batteries that I cannot replace which means that this is a huge problem with that flimsy cap.

Add to that that the customer service all around dropped the ball in regard to this matter.

Product: Les Tai Tai Model Mirror
Price: $25
Stars: ★☆☆☆☆
Takeaway: While the mirror itself it good and the LEDs are bright, the battery latch was very tight and led to the distortion of it. So basically, I can't replace the batteries on it. 

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