Thursday, April 25, 2013

What To Do With the Leftovers

Since running this blog, sometimes I'm left with items that I can't really use and while I generally reroute them to my mother so that she can donate them, sometimes I have items that I opt to repurpose. For those of you that aren't sure about what to do with the leftovers and you can't seem to get rid of them via swaps or donating them, this might be up your alley.

Leftover conditioner can either be decanted into a smaller container and then combined with others down the road. Alternatively they work great as a shaving cream as they tend to be quite moisturizing.

When dealing with lotion, sometimes if it's a big bottle that doesn't work out, then I'll add in some cocoa butter lotion or shea butter lotion in order to balance it out.

If I have a small amount or the remainders of other lotions, then I'll combine them into a plastic container (similar to that in the picture) and use it as a hand lotion.

Nail Polishes
I actually have a bit of fun with this one. When I was younger I used to mix some different colours together in order to create a unique colour. Franken-polishes in this format is a great way to create something from either nail polishes you don't like or are too close to the end to really complete a manicure.

Another thing I love to do is paint with them. Now I don't mean painting on canvas, but rather, painting on tin. Of course, nail polish is a slightly difficult medium to work with and it might not be perfect but for the tin pictured on the left which contains lip balm and hair ties, it works out well.

Powdered Eyeshadows
It is very rare that I am unable to find a welcoming home for eyeshadows whether that is through swaps or giving it to friends. Now if you do have friends or random people you're willing to give them away to, do remember to disinfect them and you can do that by filling a spritz bottle with rubbing alcohol and spraying the eyeshadows (see: Disinfecting Your Makeup). If that's not an option then you can try these:
  • Break up the pan if it is pressed then add the powders to a clear nail polish in order to create a nail polish.
  • Try to create "franken-shadows" by breaking up pans and mixing the colours together. (See: How to Fix Your Broken Eyeshadow). This can be a lot of fun but also quite messy so make sure you have a clear area prepared as you do this. Do be very careful though and do not try to mix a variety of pigments together since some of them might not be approved for certain things (for example, sometimes you get a colour pigment that is approved for use near the eyes but not the lips, and so on).

Powdered Foundation
Sometimes you just happen to have ancient foundation, or perhaps it's mismatched, samples, or you're desperately waiting to get to the end of it to start a new one. If you happen to have darker hair and you want to use a "dry shampoo" blend, don't hesitate to make your own by simply adding in your unwanted foundation. There's a lot of recipes out there but this has been tried and true for me for the last 7 or so years:

  • Grab an empty container, add cornstarch or baby powder that is cornstarch based.
  • Add in the foundation that you don't want and mix them together.
  • Use an old powder brush or kabuki brush to apply.

Powdered Blushes
While you can do all the same things that you can with an eyeshadow when it comes to creating a nail polish
or mixing colours together to get a new blush, I'm putting it separately so that you don't get the idea to mix an eyeshadow and a blush together. Remember, not all powders are approved for a variety of uses.

Similar to that of lotion, you can combine the remainders into one bottle to reduce the amount of bottles or clutter you might have. If you wash your bangs, then you can put the leftovers in another smaller container and keep it closer to the sink.

Another use came about when I got a bottle of shampoo that was barely usable. Turns out that it was great as a hand soap and gentle enough for me to also use it to wash my sponges. So it went into my magnificent soap dispenser that is shaped like a whale.

Any small bits that you accumulate you can either attempt to repress it into another soap (I don't really go this route though) or save those ends and use them to hand wash your bras.

The Lonely Leftovers
These are the items that I have not come up with alternative use for as of yet: pencil eyeliners, lip balms, lipsticks, and lip liners

Items to Discard
There are just some items that you can't ever really giveaway, donate, or reuse (or at the very least, I haven't come up with a great reuse): mascara, and creamy or liquid eyeliners and/or eyeshadows.

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