Saturday, April 6, 2013

Series One: A Guild of Misfits

This is the first series of prototypes that I created in order to get into the swing of things. These are inspired by some characters that my friends and I play (albeit not together on the same servers). 

From left to right is Tenah (blue), Bizrot (rust), Shalori (lavender), and Damaged Goods (green). The first two (Tenah and Bizrot) were part of the first round that took a bit of time to figure out. Originally my aim for Tenah was to create a purplish blue with stars (they are present, but I didn't want too many). For Bizrot, I was going for more of a reddish gold however the bases conflicted. Obviously with round one, I didn't quite achieve what I wanted to, but I learned quite a bit throughout the process. 

While I am a huge fan of glitters, I wanted to create a series that had them light dispersed throughout rather than dominating. I felt as though I achieved what I needed to with the first two (though obviously I need more practice with mixing my reds [which is a problem I had back in my painting days]).

The second half was completed about two weeks later and this time round I was able to mix them much faster and kept my area cleaner than before. There were still some things to be learned nonetheless which I'll carry with me when I start Series Two.

Since these were inspired by my friends, I'm sending off a bottle of each colour to them. I don't exactly know if I'll be replicating these colours in the future (likely not Tenah and Bizrot since I forgot to take down the measurements in the first place), but they definitely gave me a good idea of what to expect.

I'm hoping to have the Series 2 of Prototypes completed by May and that set will also be training tools (so they will also be limited editions). 

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