Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Comparison of CoverFX Packaging

Item was received in a contest by CoverFX.

Back in October 2012, CoverFX announced that they would be changing the names of the colours and all you had to do to enter this competition was to comment with your new shade colour. Now there's a bit of background here to get into and since I tend to be longwinded, I'm going to somewhat skip it. But the short of the long is that I had been using M80 (G70) instead of B0 (N70) or B15 (N70) and while I won't mention how or why that happened (I'll explain it if you ask), I did revert to the recommendations that the Sephora Color IQ test gave me (you can check my results here). The reason why I preface this post with that is because you're going to notice that the colours are different -- but this post is not about the colours and rather about the packaging.

The original packaging came with a small puff which I ended up discarding almost immediately. The reason for that was because I was using brushes at the time and had no use for a puff. With the new version, it's a bit thicker but that's because the puff they add in in now separated from the makeup.

G70 (left) and N70 (right).

The puff underneath the pan of the new compact.

Holes that have been placed in to help the excess
foundation escape and allow the puff itself to breathe,

My new foundation (N70) matches perfectly and I could kick myself for being dissuaded from purchasing it on the first go. Nonetheless, I'm really happy that with the help of Sephora and CoverFX, I was able to find the correct matching foundation and get a free compact out of it. 

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