Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sephora + Pantone Color IQ

I went in to Sephora (in San Francisco, Powell Street) to do this in early August (probably within the first week of it's release) and I was really excited about this. I've always had the hardest time picking foundations and figuring out what's right for me. Since starting this blog I've gotten a little bit better; I know my undertones, I know what looks good, and what doesn't (sometimes) but I still need help in that vast world of makeup. 

I went in when I had some time during my lunch break so I had makeup on my face. Lawrence (the sales associate that helped me) removed a bit from my forehead, jawline, and chin and then used the device on all three places. It take very long (perhaps 5 minutes tops) and I had a number which was my Pantone colour. 2Y11. Of course, this number doesn't mean much unless you enter it into the application which then tells you what your current colour is and gives you the option of choosing foundations that are lighter or darker than your current tone. 

Of course, getting a bunch of recommendations right off the bat can be a bit daunting but they give you the option of emailing your list to your email address. The email (pictured to the left) is really simplistic and lists them all out along with the colour which is quite handy.

Basically you get a listing of all the items, their picture link, their Sephora click-through link, the colour name and prices. 

I do kind of wish that email were put together a bit better but it does the job. Another thing I wish is that the Pantone system was available online so you could enter it and get all your recommendation (or perhaps tie it to your Sephora account). It's still pretty nifty and I did enjoy the ease that came about with this process because I no longer have depend on the sales associate to help me narrow down this wide field. Now I can just get a list and take it from there. You still do need to narrow it down based on your skin type, but this makes the colour matching a bit easier.

For my results, I parsed some of the information together below (but I didn't add the prices). Overall, I actually really like this system a lot and I am just so happy that it exists.

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  1. I received the same color as you, can you emails the links for me please at



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