Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: A Quiet Night

Items were received by Kara's Way complimentary.

There's nothing quite like relaxing with a good candle and getting a massage and I'm quite the fan. Especially since when I get stressed out, I find myself requesting a massage. One thing that has been slightly annoying is that we ignore the massage oils because they are in general terrible and just opt for shea butter (or cocoa butter). So when Kara's Way provided me with a traveler sized bottle of Mbeze body oil and a candle from Aloha Bay, I figured it would be great to make an event of it.

I reviewed a few perfumes from Mbeze back in December (which you can read about here), so I'm no stranger to the products. The Koko Haze is one of my favourite scents since it's coconut, hazelnut, with hints of mango tea and sweet orange essential oil.

As it's a body oil, you don't necessarily need to just use it as a massage oil (though it will likely replace any massage oils that you might have). It's great for dry skin but given that it's an oil, there will be the initial greasiness when it's first applied. The bright side is that it is absorbed quickly so it's not that you'd be doomed to a greasy state.

Ah... now for the candle. I love candles and getting one makes me happy especially since I got one of my favourite scents. These candles are made with Eco Palm Wax which is an  organic Palm Wax from Brazil and Colombia. The company itself seems to be very well informed and overall seems to care quite a bit about their product. You can check out their website to see a wealth of information about their candles and fair trade practices.

The particular candle I got was a perfume blend and I can't really find much about the ingredients but they do have the option to buy candles that are made with pure essential oils. The reason why I bring this up is that the candle is highly scented and it is a pure coconut scent (it doesn't smell like fake coconut or super sugary) -- it has the right blend which makes it wonderful to have nearby (in fact, as I'm typing this, I have it lit right now).

These products are slated to be featured in an upcoming Kara's Way box and was given to me complimentary for my evaluation.

Product: Mbeze Body Oil in Koko Haze
Price: $5
Stars: ★★★★☆
Takeaway: A great body oil that doubles for a massage oil. I imagine that you can likely add a bit to a bath to really immerse yourself in it. I generally don't use oils aside from massages (and for that it is great) so I don't have much use outside of that.

Product: Aloha Bay Travel Jar in Bahia Coconut
Price: $3
Stars: ★★★★★
Takeaway: I love candles, but I especially adore when they are a right balance. The scent level is perfect and the company seems to have good practices. 


  1. I've recently picked up coconut oil also. I've heard it's good for hair. I'm hoping to later, make a hair butter with it and other products (shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil).

    1. Definitely start slow so in case you need to rule anything out then you can quickly find what changed.



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