Friday, March 22, 2013

Pawalla March 2013 Box

So when the box arrived, it was by the front door and I had the hardest time getting Shiva to stay indoors while I retrieve it and he's normally really well behaved. Anyhow... February's box was a hit with the minions so I (and the kittens, apparently) were looking forward to their next box.

Shiva was already attacking the catnip toy. Each time we open up this box, we have to hide it so we could take pictures before they come up and drag the toy out. 

So first up is the food -- I was surprised to see two large cans instead of the regular 4 small cans. The cans are from Canine Caviar and it's the Green Venison Tripe. At first I was a bit wary since this looked like it was just for dogs, but with previous Pawalla picks, cats can eat it as well. Since the kittens eat periodically throughout the day, I split it up into three servings. As I write this now, they are on their second helping gulping it down. It's been a hit! 

In this section, there's the Bench & Field Holistic Natural Feline Treats, Pet Greens Crunchy Cat Treats, and Natural Balance Perfect Bites Salmon Treats. I haven't opened them yet since they are still getting through the treats they got last month. I am familiar with the Pet Greens from living with cats previously so I was quite happy with what I got.

Finally we got a can of catnip which I was really happy to get because we actually don't have any catnip right now. I especially like that it comes in a tin which means we can easily reuse it. 

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