Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Cat Food Debacle

Since getting the minions I've been proactive about getting new information specifically regarding food from both Reddit and Cat Forum. One of the big topics that I try to keep informed about is food. 

The shelter that the minions came from said that feed the cats and dogs Halo food. So when we went to check out food options, we decided to go with Spot's Stew since it's the only one that is grain free. (Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of other brands that carry grain free, it's just that Halo has one grain free dry food and luckily the kittens love it).

The vet said that while a dry diet was fine, we should be giving them a bit of actual kitten food rather than something that was for all life stages only because they needed more fattier substances but it turns out that grain free kitten food is actually kind of hard to find.

Now before I can get to what we did find, Shiva got sick shortly after so it was a scramble to get him food that he could find. Turns out that kittens (or cats) when sick aren't always able to find their food so warming up a bit of wet food (about 5 seconds in the microwave) helped Shiva find his food. It wasn't the greatest solution but it worked. In our scramble to find wet food though we ended up getting a few cans of Iams ProActive Health Kitten Premium Pate with Gourmet Chicken.

I wasn't exactly thrilled to be making such sudden changes to Shiva's diet so I tried to find another type of food. I ended up stumbling upon Newman's Own Organic Cat Food and figured that I'd work that in with the two of them.

Overall, they enjoyed both foods but weren't in love with them. It also didn't help that Shiva was very sick and Hiro was also a bit sick. After they finished the few cans we got, we headed over to Pet Food Express to see what other options we had for them.

Did I mention that it's a bit difficult to find kitten food that is grain free? After hanging out in the store (for what seemed like forever), we finally decided to get Lotus. We tossed a few cans in our cart and just as we were about to walk away, Wellness caught our eye. Lo and behold, Wellness has a kitten formula that is grain free! We grabbed a few cans of that too.

After seeing how the kittens go to town on food, I'd say Lotus and Wellness are the winners here (in terms of wet food). The Lotus cans are a bit smaller but the food disappears almost before I can leave the plate. They love the Wellness just as much, but the Lotus food comes out on top.

I think the great thing though is how well they have handled the mix of foods lately. They still love their Halo which is a staple of their diet but it's great to see them flit between Lotus and Wellness without experiencing too much of a disruption.

I still don't know exactly what is best for them though -- we try to balance their diet between dry and wet foods along with treats and along with their vets approval, I think we've been doing alright. 

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