Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: e.l.f. Oil Blotting Sheets in Tea Tree & Green Tea

It's still a little bit shocking to me that I haven't posted about oil blotting sheets, especially since they've become staples (yet again) in all of my makeup bags. When I was younger, Maybelline was just about the only company (that I could find) that put out blotting sheets so just before they were discontinued, I bought a bunch of packets and had them storage. When they ran out, I supplemented with e.l.f. Essential Shine Erasers, but didn't find myself using them till my boyfriend and I visited Hawaii (see: The Wonders of Kauai). 

Since then, I've been going through a lot of blotting sheets which include the generic store brand rice papers that I picked up in Kauai, Boscia Blotting Linens, and a lot of e.l.f. blotting sheets. At work, I manage to get through a lot of blotting papers because of the heater that I'm almost always stationed by. On a trip to Target on the holidays, I noticed a new set that I couldn't quite pass up. 

In this pack was three different types of oil blotting sheets: Tea Tree for clarifying, Green Tea for rejuvenating, and Aloe Vera for soothing.

I'm almost done with the Green Tea set and shortly after I snapped that picture I had to open up the Tea Tree packet (did I mention that the heater is right by my face?).

So here's the thing, I've tried higher end brands to lower end brands, to those in between and how do these stack up? Exactly the same. See here's the thing... if you have oily skin, then you tend to reach for these things constantly (for me it is at least twice a day, sometimes three times a day) and I no longer try to touch up my makeup either in between (so I can't blame it on that either). Overall, they are fantastic because they accomplish what they need to do and they do it for a cheap price. Each smaller packet is 50 sheets so you're getting 150 sheets for $3. 

Price: $3
Would Recommend? Yes
Takeaway: If you have oily skin, then blotting sheets should be a part of your standard makeup bag/kit. These things work wonders in a pinch and don't disturb your makeup (remember, blot, don't wipe). For $3, it's worth it especially if you go through them as quickly as I do. 

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