Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Wholly Hemp Moisturizing Cream & Lip Balm

So before I can begin my review about Wholly Hemp, I first need to state how wonderfully awesome their customer service is. Over on Reddit, the owner of Wholly Hemp visited /r/NaturalBeauty and offered to send some samples along. They sent over some to me but they ended up getting lost in the mail (even though it said it was delivered, it just never made it's way to me) so I contacted them and told them I really appreciated what they did and thanked them for the opportunity even though I didn't get the items. Turns out that they resent the package and I was ecstatic to see what was inside. 

As my story would imply, they are very focused on skin products and at that, making a good product that helps with skin issues such as "acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, or sensitive skin in general."  In the package they sent a full sized bar of Geranium Rose Soothing Soap, Bodacious Bergamot Moisturizing Cream, and Raw Lip Balm.

Since I'm still working on that bottle of Pacifica body wash, it wouldn't be logical for me to start using the soap, so I'll likely be following up in a later post about it. I have been using the lip balm and the moisturizing cream for the last few weeks so here's what I can report on.

I love the lip balm -- and yes, I am a sucker for lip balms in the first place which makes this a bit difficult so let's compare to another staple: Burt's Bees. Tis an odd one to compare it to however it's a simple product that it's as mentholated as Burt's Bees. The ingredient list for Wholly Hemp is as follows: coconut oil, beeswax, sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, vitamin E, peppermint oil, rosemary extract -- which makes it a very simple formula without all the frills. And very simply, it works. No chapped feeling and no weird feeling of buildup thereafter either. I'm somewhat of a lip balm junkie and that's the one thing that annoys me about most lip balms: buildup. I haven't experienced that with this lip balm.

The Bergamot moisturizer is another favourite (and not just because it smells like one of my favourite teas). It is a bit greasy and that greasiness is much different than the type experienced with Native Touch Warrior Bear Rub Mini. The Warrior Bear Rub has a kind of greasiness that stays with you and doesn't ever really go away but that's due to the shea butter base. The Bergamot moisturizer does utilize a shea butter base, but seems to be more heavy on the oils which means that it absorbs much better. Sure, it starts of oily, but over time it absorbs quickly and even when I find myself typing or using my mouse, it eventually fades.

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary however all opinions are my (especially since they didn't know that I'd be writing a blog post about the products).

Product: Geranium Rose Soothing Soap
Price: $5

Product: Bodacious Bergamot Moisturizing Cream (1.5 oz)
Price: $5
Stars: ★★★★★
Takeaway: Love this and not just because I'm a junkie for lotions, but for the fact that it's packed with moisture and while it make take a little bit for the oiliness to subside, eventually it is absorbed which makes it a great hand lotion or all over moisturizer.

Product: Raw Lip Balm
Price: $3
Stars: ★★★★★
Takeaway: So I'm kind of a lip balm addict and what sets this one apart is just the fact that it works and it's a simple formula. No thrills, no perfumes, no dyes, just a simple moisturizer that I love. This has been a happy addition to my lip balm lineup... so much so that I kind of don't want to use my other ones that have dyes and have a lot of fragrance.

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