Monday, October 15, 2012

On Being at Work

Some thing I have yet to go over is the items I keep at work. Now I know that seems kind of weird, but when you spend 8 hours at the same place, you tend to keep a few items within an arms reach. So I figured that it was about time I went through some of the items I keep at work.

First of all, I have a small amount of things that I actually keep on my desk. The majority of them go into my super awesome Halloween pail from McDonald's (2011) and here they are below.

  • Avon Moisturizing Gentle Cream Cleanser - Which like apparently every Avon item I own has long been discontinued. I don't use this often but given my oily skin, it's best to keep a cleanser at my desk.
  • Hand Lotion Mixture - I wash my hands a lot throughout the day (for some reason or the other) and that leaves my hands quite dry. I not only have my one of my concoctions (which is pictured) but I keep a spare shea butter hand lotion in the drawer.
  • Mark Glow Baby Glow Hook Up - I have quite a few of these because my friend used to work for Mark. I keep them around because the hookups is a nifty idea (you can easily switch them out for brushes, eyeshadows, eyeliners, etc) and each replacement costs about $6.50. The colours I currently have are: Bubbles, Petal Luxe, and Flirty Luxe.
  • Sante Naturkosmetik Mascara Endless Lashes № 03 - Sometimes when I'm running out the door, I forget mascara. Now, normally I skip the eye makeup in general so it doesn't matter whether or not I'm using mascara, but it kind of opens my eyes a bit. Keeping one in your purse or at your desk isn't a bad idea, overall. You can read the review for this particular mascara by clicking here and the spoiler is that I love it.
  • e.l.f. Essential Shine Eraser - Oily skin strikes again. I've tried a lot of blotting papers in my time and honestly the best kind is any kind. The e.l.f. sheets get the job done and they cost $1 a packet, which beats any packet I've seen on sale.
Okay so that takes care of what's on my desk -- there's a small bag I keep in my drawer though with some items that aren't necessarily important but still good to have. Some of them aren't even makeup, but I'm still going to point them out anyway.

  • Bandages - Even though we have a First Aid kit in the kitchen, sometimes I'm a bit clumsy so it's just in good practice to have them a little bit closer. 
  • Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover - For approximately $3 and the amount of coffee that I drink in a day... well, it's better I have one of these at my desk. I've definitely spilled a bit of coffee on that white shirt or my cream coloured hoodie a few times and this little pen has come to my aid. 
  • Pill Box - I actually smiled a bit when I pulled this out to take a picture. This was the first pill box I ever bought (ever) and I got it from Claire's when I was a teenager. I don't use it much anymore (but there are some Advil's in there in case I get a headache).
  • Bobby Pins - I don't have long hair anymore so these aren't as useful, but I keep them around anyway. My hair ties are kept in another container close by.
  • Nail Clipper - I don't clip my nails at work, but since I grow my nails long, I do keep one around in case a nail breaks or if I get a hangnail. My nail file has seemingly disappeared, so that's something that should be pictured but I'll have to replace.
  • Floss - Ridiculously useful. We need not an explanation of this.
  • Capzasin - I'm old. Actually, I kid -- I've had issues with my knees even as a teenager so I keep this around since it's unscented. For the unfamiliar, this is an arthritis pain relief liquid.
  • Blistex Lip Infusion Moisture Splash - When I don't feel like getting all glittery with my Mark Hook Up lip gloss, I resort to something that it a bit toned down. This does the trick and it retails for about $3.

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