Friday, October 12, 2012

A Glittery Take of Trine

Normally I try my best to refrain from the manicure posts but every once in a while I get really excited about some colour combination and I can't help myself. Usually I try to say something about the nail polish but then I start rambling and... well, if you're a subscriber to this blog, then you know.

Anyhow, you might have noticed in the Cinderella posts that I had a new manicure so I wanted to highlight a bit about the nail polish I was wearing. I'm a sucker for nail polish and one of the things I have a weakness for is filling my collection with cheap nail polish. After finding out that Lucky 13 lacquer had created a Humble Indie Bundle (the namesake) set and planned to donate 15% of the proceeds, I had to give in. 

For those unfamiliar with the concepts at play, there are two. One is the  actual Humble Indie Bundle, which is where a bunch of indie games are bundled and sold for whatever price you want to pay and you decide how you want the money split up. Now about the nail polish, it's by Kyoti who runs a nail polish blog and has her own lineup of polishes which are named Lucky 13 Lacquer. Basically, it's nerd nail polish which is awesome.

The picture above was a few hours after I completed the manicure and my feeble attempts to try to capture all the magnificent glitter in it. It's two coats of Lucky 13 Lacquer Trine over Sinful Colours Savage (950) and e.l.f. Royal Purple (no top coat). The pictures of my holding the Saint Valentine's Cream (which is hella old school) is 3 days after the intial manicure (which is amazing for me since manicures don't last more than 2 days tops for me).

Anyhow, I hope you take a look at the Trine colour or rather all of Lucky 13 Lacquer if you get the chance. The Trine is a "medium dark purple jelly base, small sky blue, and medium gold hex glitters" -- which basically means that it complements the blues and purples wonderfully.

You can order e.l.f. nail polishes online for $2 each and you can find Sinful Colors at Walgreens for $1.99. Lucky 13 Lacquers are available online for $10 for a bottle.

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