Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: Sephora Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set

When I saw the Sephora Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set online, I knew that a decision had to be made. See, the nail polishes and the compact for the Cinderella set were "no brainers" for me. I wanted them and I didn't have to give it a second thought. Looking at the lipstick set, I thought to myself, "Well, 3 of the 4 of those lipsticks won't show up so the question is really this: Is the darkest colour worth it?"

After examining the colours online, I knew that 2 wouldn't be flattering (most likely anyway), one wouldn't show up (but it was similar to a limited edition Revlon lipstick I am currently using as a lip balm), but that darker colour, the Lady Tremaine in berry, that might be the winning tube. So I sprang for it and hoped for the best.

From left to right is the Lady Tremaine in berry (darkest colour),  Pumpkin which is a light pastel peach, Who Is She? is the warm rosy mauve, and My Moment which is the pink champagne glitter.

Before I start the swatches, let's review the tubes. Yes, they are flimsy and yes, they are plastic. They look beautiful but they are very lightweight and very cheap feeling. They do have beautiful etchings along the top which I absolutely love and it honestly reminds me of the kind of lipsticks my mom used to have. Although not nearly as heavy as hers and probably lesser in quality then her old fashioned tubes. I don't count the packaging against them though.

As you can see, the detailing is rather pretty and overall it's got the aesthetics to it. Practical? Sure, after all we are trying to move in a direction that uses less packaging, so overall while this was a huge complaint that most had, I don't find fault with it.

But that is your own decision. I don't have a scale to weigh it against another lipstick but my MUFE or even my Revlon lipsticks, they are way heavier whereas this one is much lighter. It hasn't caused any problems yet though.

Moving on to the colours (remember, you can click to enlarge the photographs).

From left to right is: Lady Tremaine, Pumpkin, Who Is She?, and My Moment -- which I can assure you is there but seemingly missing. I kind of knew what I was getting myself into with this set.

My Moment
So I present to you, my lips (with no lip liners). First up is the My Moment which as you can see, barely shows. Well... The glitter shows. It's not the most moisturizing tube of lipstick I have ever used in my life, but it's not bad either. It has a creamy texture and supplies a bit of moisture. Overall, it's very similar to the tube I'm currently using so that is fine by me.

Pumpkin was a tiny bit harder to work in. There's colour alright and it's a bit lighter than my lips. Overall, I'm okay with it since it's also similar in colour to lip glosses that I use.

Who Is She? (sorry that the pictures aren't lining up with the accompanying text), was way brighter than Pumpkin and came up a bit chalky on me. There was no real way to work it in without the use of another lip balm or mixing it with another colour.
Who Is She?

Finally, the one that was most flattering was Lady Tremaine (as I suspected it would be). Pardon the lazy application since I didn't have my lip brush and you know how applying lipsticks can go when you have a piercing in that general area. Even without a lip liner, it was a beautiful colour that really stood out. It was incredibly flattering and my goodness, it made it worth it.

Lady Tremaine
But here's where the tricky part lies. If you're on the fence about getting this set, then you kind of have to make that call on your own (especially if you have darker colour lips where 3 of the 4 colours won't show up. For me, it's rare to come by a berry colour that complements me well, so it works out to be worth it.

Product: Sephora Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set
Price: $25.00
Would Recommend? Perhaps...
Takeaway: The majority of the colours in this set don't work out for me but in the end, Lady Tremaine in berry makes it worth for me. That's kind of up to you if it's worth the package or not.

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