Friday, September 28, 2012

Sephora + Cinderella, Part 1

Yesterday was the Sephora screening of the Diamond Edition Cinderella -- wait, hold on. If you're like me then you know that Disney releases movies "from the vault" and sometimes does a bit of work on them, but what is a Diamond Edition? The long of the short is that it's digitally remastered and made for Blu-rays. If you're familiar with the Platinum Editions then note that the Diamond Edition is possibly just better quality. Now that that is out of the way, the Cinderella version is being released on October 2nd which is why you've probably seen a spike of Cinderella. If you haven't, well...

To commemorate the release, there have been numerous partnerships. I'm not going to get into them all but here's a quick recap. In addition to the Sephora line, Disney released some "Classic Cinderella" items that used artowrk from the original 1950 movie poster, reimagined Cinderella (so she's a bit more modern), teamed up with Alfred Angelo to make a special Cinderella wedding dress, and finally released shoes with Christian Louboutin and DSW. I'm pretty sure I'm missing quite a few things. Supposedly this is part of the "Disney Reigning Beauties Collections" and others will get the same treatment in the future. (I have a strong suspicion that these collections are correlating with the release of the Diamond Editions and if that is the case, then The Little Mermaid is up next).

About the screening -- it's been a very long time since I saw Cinderella and since I rarely use my Sephora Insider Points for anything (hey, I'm picky) this seemed like the perfect event. I asked my boyfriend and told his sister, and before we knew it, we had a nice little group of four. We showed up early and sat in line (though to be fair, we took turns to walk around and grab food). At 7 PM, they let us in and we saw the movie (no previews, commercials, just the movie [which was awesome]). Upon leaving, they gave us all a small bag with a slip of paper that described the DVD release and the Sephora line, along with a gift card.

The movie looked fantastic and even though I knew that it was better quality then when I saw it as a kid, it was just the way I remembered it. There were also a lot of little details that I forgot, like how animated the King was (or how grandchildren crazy he was), or the arrival of Gus, and so on.

If you're a fan of the movie then the movie is bound to be right up your alley, along with this collection. Speaking of the collection, let's move on.

I ordered the Compact Mirror, Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set, and the A Brush With Fate Nail Polish Set. I came super close to ordering the perfume and the eyeshadow set, but luckily I remembered that I'm really picky about perfumes and I had a friend that was ordering the eyeshadow palette. Please note that I actually ordered everything before the screening because I'm addicted to Disney.

Since this post is already running long, I'll be breaking up the post (which I'll be following up later on tonight) so stay tuned for the images of the collection. I haven't swatched any of it yet because today marks the celebration of the nail polish haul (more on that later) so look for that in the future.

Click here for Part 2, where I show you some of the collection.


  1. Hey! I went to the screening as well, but I got a gift card and the Midnight Hour Eyeshadow Palette. The gift card is worth $5. My theory is that they gave me the eyeshadow because there was a misprint about the location of the theater and so we had to drive out to two theaters that day. I'm not sure if everyone at my particular screening got the same gift.

    I'm just curious, how much was on your gift card?

    1. Hey there, I heard that some screenings I got the eyeshadow palette and I wish I could have gotten that. The gift card was $5.

  2. Was the screening really crowded? Maybe that's a reason. The one I went to had maybe 10 or 12 people lol

    I'm planning to use gift cards I got from the screening to buy the compact. Everyone seems to be in love with it!

    I had originally planned to buy the perfume, but I smelled it at the store and sadly it's pretty much one of the worst scents they could have associated with Cinderella. Good thing you didn't buy it before trying it.

    I had great expectations, but my first impression of the perfume just shattered that. It immediately reminded me of walking into a public restroom that smells slightly like cleaner and the powdery perfume that still lingers in the air from someone who doused themselves in it just before leaving. That image would not get out of my head no matter how many time I re-smelled it.

    1. Actually, there weren't that many people at the screening -- and we were put into a much smaller theatre than normal. I want to say that there was about 20 people there.

      The compact is absolutely beautiful. I bought it before I even went to the screening because I'm a sucker for clocks and it has a beautiful clock-like face.

      Since the perfume still hasn't hit my local store, I'm holding out especially since I tend to be somewhat allergic to some types of perfumes. So it's not just the scent but rather if I react well to it. That's sad that it didn't work out -- my friend and I were thinking about how awesome it would be to get the Swarovski edition but it seemed like too much of a risk.

      Thanks for adding your take of the perfume! It's especially helpful since I haven't even seen it just yet.

  3. Hmm Then I wonder why you guys didn't get the eyeshadow. I mean at least should have given the same gift bag across the board.

    Same! I adore clocks and keys.

    I'm sorry that happens. :( Do you know why that happens?

    I hope I didn't ruin the image for you! I mean I read reviews for it and some people actually liked it... So I guess not everyone thought of it the same way.

    I've heard that they're going to roll out other Disney Princess Collections in the future... There was a guess that it would be Snow White. So hopefully next time they'll get the perfume right. To be honest I was never crazy about Cinderella in particular, so I'm not too sad that I didn't fancy the perfume.

    1. Yeah, that would have been nice to get the same type of gift bag but I'm such a Disney fan that I was happy with just getting the chance to see the movie. (It's been so long and going with my friends to see it was awesome).

      At first I was going to skip the compact but upon seeing the clock face, I couldn't help myself. If there's an Ariel or Jasmine compact in the future, I'm done for.

      As for the perfume, I wouldn't worry too much about the image. :) Because of the sporadic odd reaction to perfumes (which is why I stick with perfume oils instead now), I'm pretty cautious in general. I don't know if it's an allergy but I know that in the past I've had some negative reactions (even just being near people who use too much) so I monitor it since it's not a constant.

      There are a lot of guesses out there as to who the next princess will be but I've got a strong notion that it correlates directly with the Diamond Edition releases of the movies. The Little Mermaid is up next, if I'm right. However, I know the significance of Snow White to the Disney lineup as she was the first princess and even though her movie was already released, it would be weird for her to not be part of it. (And now I'll stop rambling). >_<

  4. Exactly! When I went I hadn't even expected them to give out gift bags.

    I think most girls (or now women) have some sort of emotional attachment to The Little Mermaid lol!

    At first I wanted to say you could be allergic to a certain flower that is used in perfumes, but that can't be because they use those essences in very small amounts. Maybe it's just a chemical they use.

    Yeah you're probably right! I didn't know that Snow White was out already and the Little Mermaid would be next. Either way I can't wait!



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