Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Look at the Disney Designer Line

For those who haven't figured this out yet, I'm a huge Disney fan (you can read all about it over at etceteros so I'll spare you the details). Last year they put out this amazing Disney Designer Princess line and I got myself the nail polish and lip gloss amongst some other items. This year, with the return of the Designer line, they've gone with the villains, so I couldn't help but pick up the nail polishes and the lip glosses again. I haven't used them -- not once, and I "unboxed" them for the first time to post pictures but this is not a review since I haven't used them. 

Lip Glosses

In the Princess line (click here for a closeup), you have Belle, Mulan, and Snow White. They all look very glittery and look to be quite beautiful. Belle is a warm golden bronze, Mulan is "sassy pink with silver sparkle," and Snow White is the "sheerest apple red."

In order of translucency, Mulan comes in at the top as being practically see through with just a hint of pink with a bit of glitter. I suspect that the Snow White is second with the red being sheer (again, I'm not sure what it looks like out of the tube), with Belle seeming to be the most solid of colours.

Last year the princesses lip glosses retailed for $24.50 and it's 5.0 mL at 0.17 Fl. Oz each.

This year, the Villains line (click here for a closeup) is a bit smaller in packaging (length wise) however much sturdier. The plastic feels much better as do the caps. You might have noticed that there's a lot more product in those tubes and they utilize less plastic. The Villains lip glosses don't have official descriptions so... watch as I mangle this.

Cruella De Vil s my favourite -- it's a shimmery red but a bit darker then the Snow White (much darker, actually) with a bit of glitter that you can make out. Evil Queen is plum with lots of shimmer. The Queen of Hearts is a golden colour which comes out to be just a tad bit lighter in comparison 

The Villains line is available online through Disney and will slowly be hitting the stores. It costs $24.50 and it's 6.7 mL at 0.22 Fl. Oz each.

Nail Varnishes

I'm a bit of a addict when it comes to nail polish but worse so, I can run into a being an odd collector when it comes to two of my favourite things clashing. You might notice the Princess nail polishes separating because I refused to use them -- I never even took them out of the box till I was ready to take photos of them.

With the Princess line, there are 10 polishes in all for each of the princesses and from left to right:

  • Mulan, a very light and somewhat sheer pink.
  • Jasmine, a shimmery teal.
  • Snow White, a clear base with lots of red glitter.
  • Cinderella, a clear base with silver glitter and specks of rainbow glitter.
  • Aurora, a brink pink and French Rose colour blend.
  • Ariel, clear base with teal glitter (although it looks more like a blend of blue and green glitter.
  • Rapunzel, which looks like plum but it's more of a Rose Vale colour (a blend of darker pinks and purples).
  • Belle, gold glitter.
  • Tiana, a very light, pearl-like green.
  • Pocahontas, which is a bronze glitter.
The total weight is 6.0 mL at 0.2 Fl. Oz. each and the cost for this set was $24.50.

This year the Villains nail polish is much smaller with 6 colours. The bright side though is that there's a lot more of it. The pictures to the right shows the comparison of the princess bottle (which is much smaller) and the the larger one with the tapered top is the Villains. 

 The Villains line includes:

  • Cruella De Vil, which is red. This red is quite reminiscent of the Snow White red in the lip glosses.
  • Evil Queen, black with purple glitter. (I love this one).
  • Maleficent, sea green with hints of darkness to it but lots of shimmer.
  • Mother Gothel is a deep dark red (likely burgundy).
  • Queen of Hearts, which is a gold shimmer with hints of glitter.
  • Ursula, a very light purple (thistle) with hints of glitter.
The Villains line is 15 mL at 0.5 Fl. Oz. each and it is going for $29.50.

I love this line and I love the reinvention of the princesses and villains alike. I'm definitely enjoying the products that they have been coming up with (though I admit, I wish there were more). I still love my Jasmine shirt and mug, and this time round I was happy to add the Queen of Hearts mug to my collection. I've seen the snapshots of the supposed eyeshadow that should be coming out with the rest of the line eventually but eyeshadows and I rarely get along so I might be skipping that.

There is also supposed to be a collaboration between Disney and Sephora coming up in the future (rumour has it that it's slated for October and that this year will be focusing on Cinderella [Source: Makeup Talk]) so I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully there's a Jasmine line in the future. :)

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