Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nail Polish Haul

If you saw my string of posts about the Sephora and Cinderella line, then you'll notice a severe lack of swatches. Well part of that comes from the fact that two of my makeup nail polish orders arrived at the same time and some nail polishes that I was coveting finally arrived in my local drugstore. You see, my favourite holiday is Halloween so I've been holding out for the treats that will be released in October -- but my other love is Disney and the two just happened to occur at the same time. So here's a chance to look at my nail polish hauls! 

In my own collection I have several bottles of black nail polish but it recently dawned on me that I didn't have an orange colour. Nor did I have a black crackle nail polish. So on one of my "routine" checks of Walgreens, I found that some of the Halloween nail polishes were finally in stock!

From left to right I grabbed the Black Crackle (1019), Pumpkin Spice (1135), Let's Talk (929), and Courtney Orange (30). The crackle nail polish retails for about $3.99 and the rest go for $1.99. Even though I have a lot of purples, I didn't have that hue so I just had to. I am excited to see what kind of combinations I'll come up with with just these four alone. As usual though, I probably won't be posting that much about manicures, so rest your troubled soul if you were worried that I'd change directions about the blog. ;)

While in Walgreens, they finally got the Revlon Moon Candy nail polishes in stock which I've been stalking since release. Almost every store nearby that had them were immediately sold out of my favourite colours and finally I had my moment. The first two are mine and the last two I bought for a friend (but let me take a quick picture of it -- I'm looking forward to seeing her manicure with the two).

From left to right is Orbit (280), Galactic (210) and for my friend is Eclipse (240), and Satellite (230). They retail for just under $10 each which seems a little bit on the high side (do keep in mind that they are 0.26 Fl. Oz. which makes them less then your standard nail polish bottle) but honestly, they are absolutely gorgeous and so very much worth it. I did end up using the Galactic (pictured at the very bottom of this post) after I wrote my Cinderella posts and I'm very much happy with their look. I'm new to flakies and I have to admit, I'm incredibly impressed (and also gullible since these polishes have a space theme -- this is strangely similar to how I got suckered into Angry Birds Space).

It terms of arrivals, the Cinderella Sephora nail polish arrived a few hours after my order from Lucky 13 Lacquers which made me an incredibly happy person. Lucky 13 Lacquers is an indie line created by Kyoti who blogs about nail polishes. She created  a Humble Indie Inspired Bundle, which took 6 indie games and turned them into gorgeous glitter nail polish. She is also donating 15% of the proceeds going to the actual Humble Indie Bundle. After careful thought (of all of 2 minutes), I decided to buy it especially since I played about half of those games and loved it. Plus with part of the proceeds going toward a good cause and supporting an indie nail polish maker, I couldn't quite resist.

As usual, I'm super excited to be posting about all of these items but it's probably going to take me a bit of time to finally swatch it all. But I can't wait!

Revlon Moon Candy in Galactic.

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