Friday, September 28, 2012

Sephora + Cinderella, Part 2

As promised, this is a continuation of my post about the Sephora + Cinderella (click here for Part 1) lineup -- in the first post I mentioned the DVD release along with the Sephora screening and now I present the collection. Or at least the ones that I purchased. When the items became available, I immediately got the Compact Mirror, Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set, and the A Brush With Fate Nail Polish Set for a variety of reasons. So let's take a look.

The compact mirror -- I admit that it doesn't look that impressive when I first saw the promotional pictures. However I'm a sucker for watches and when I saw the false watch face, I really couldn't help myself. So I sprang for it and figured that of everything I got, that would be the best purchase that I made.

And it was.

Right out of the box, I fell in love with the item and I wish that pictures could do it justice. The inside top mirror says "Time for your moment" and the outside is so beautiful with the clock face and castle in the center. This is a beautiful mirror that I think is just classic and will be with me for a long time. For $20, I'm incredibly happy with this purchase.

The next item was the set of lipsticks and I knew upon looking at them that three of the four wouldn't show up on me. But considering how pretty they were, that was a risk I was willing to take. This four piece set is $25 and I honestly can't wait to swatch it next.

The colours in this pack are as follows: Lady Tremaine which is the berry, Pumpkin which is a light pastel peach, Who Is She? is a warm rosy mauve, and finally My Moment which is a pink champagne glitter. Gorgeous colours which will probably look like lip balms on me but to be honest, that Lady Tremaine looks amazing and the packaging is perfection.

The last item I got was the nail polish set -- now please note that they are miniature sizes so don't be surprised if you get them and find that they are much smaller than normal. There are six small bottles in this set and it costs $24.50. The one thing that annoyed me was that the bottles themselves aren't labelled with the colour but here's the rundown of them: So Totally Enchanted is glittery silver, Step Off, Sister! is glittery purple, Blue My Curfew is the glittery royal blue, Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Pink! is glittery pink, Self-Maid Millionaire is glittery gold, and finally Rags to Rhinestones is glittery bronze.

Hopefully I'll be swatching these soon so stay tuned for that!

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