Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Cover FX Pressed Mineral Powder

As my Bare Minerals is now at 50%, I've decided to start looking for another foundation (mostly because I've become exceedingly aware of how ashy it looks but that could be because I'm being sensitive). So this week I've been starting the day with a bit of moisturizer and then seeking help from various stores. Today I decided to approach Sephora for help since they have a wider selection to choose from. So with the help of one of the associates, we were able to narrow it down quite a bit.

After explaining what I currently use and what problems I was having, the first stop was MUFE, except that the colours didn't quite match. She was about to try out the Sephora collection before realizing that Cover FX might be a bit better. And it was.

She tried out three different shades and compared them side by side to figure out what would work. My skin tone is a bit uneven so that makes matching a bit difficult but we has success with Cover FX which was the Pressed Mineral Powder in B0. I've got to say that I was and still am quite impressed with the coverage of it. General remarks, if you find the right colour, it goes on flawlessly, provides good coverage, is lightweight, and feels great. (If you get the wrong colour then I admit it will look ashy or cakey). Unfortunately during the testing phase my moisturizer was removed so I can't say how well it works out with the moisturizer and primer, but the fact that it stands on its own is great. It's matte which means that the natural oils are being controlled though I still think that I would need a moisturizer underneath to help control my T-zone.

After a couple of hours it is holding up against the natural oils very well and maintains breathability which is fantastic. In comparison to the MAC Matchmaster that I tried out the other day, my skin doesn't feel as weighed down and there isn't very much residue. Overall, I love how much it accentuates the colours of my face and it definitely helps that it doesn't have as much additives (that's fancy for parabens) in it.

My one true sadness though is that Sephora is sold out of that one colour and it's sold out online. I can order it directly from the Cover FX website but then how will I ever get to V.I.B. if I don't order it from Sephora?!

Update: Sorry for the blurry picture but the interesting thing is how the oils appear. In every picture I took, the oils shone through however when I examine it in the mirror, although there is a slight shine, it doesn't appear as bad as it does in the photos. The oiliness could be because I'm not wearing anything underneath the makeup (no moisturizer or Milk of Magnesia) however it still looks okay. In this photo I'm also wearing a NARS blush in Torrid.

Product: Cover FX Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 10 (Powder FX), B0
Price: $35
Would Recommend? Yes
Takeaway: Great for oily skin, variety of colours, medium coverage (which is great for those with an uneven skin tone), lightweight, little if any residue, feels great and looks great. 

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