Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Finding a New Pair of Shoes

I know that this is supposed to primarily a makeup blog but there's nowhere else that I can trully share this. And yes, as the title suggests this is all about shoes with a bit of background.

So when I was younger I loved wearing high heels and even when I was on the gothy side, I managed to make sure my knee-high boots appropriately matched what I was wearing, because if it didn't, well then, time to grab another pair. Lucky for me that during this time, I was still somehow able to fit into my mom's size 7's so this didn't mean that I had to have an extensive shoe collection; I could just share. But as time went on, I had to stop trying to wing it because I'm actually at size 6.5. Add to that that I was starting college and the thought of jogging around campus in heels lost it's appeal rather quickly. 

There was one pair of shoes that I trully broke in and I was able to make those jogs though. I suffered for these shoes. I broke them in and for years they were the shoes. I wear them with pretty much anything if I can get away with it. And yet I know nothing about this pair of shoes.

It was a gift from my mom, who found them when I was going through a Mary Jane (with a heel) phase. She found three (2 were by Steve Madden) and while two of them struck out (I still have those demons somewhere too), this one lasted. Made by Unlisted, I can find no other information about them. And then this year during Hallowen I noticed the dreaded crack... The last thing you want to see on your favourite set of heels that you can wear for 12 hours! (And yes, I did that quite a few times). I hauled them into a cobbler who said there was little that he could do, but he would try. So he glued them and then shined them up and told me to hope for the best. But what makes this story even sadder? These are the only shoes I have been able to wear as of late.

See, earlier this year I managed to hurt my right foot. I was playing on the swings and while paying attention to a cat that had followed my BF and I to the park, I didn't raise my foot in time and slammed it into the ground. This is not a euphemism, it actually happened like that. As a result of this, I've been confined to flats and one pair of heels because for some reason, my foot seems entirely okay with the angle of the shoe. I can't wear my wedges or my high heeled boots, but I can wear these.

But now, I'm kind of fed up. It's been months and all I really want is to wear heels (not all the time, but be able to wear them at leisure). By chance one day, I swung by the Payless at the nearby mall and saw the Brash Konstant shoes. I had always seen them before and was always dissuaded because of the faux-suede. But this time, since all the shelves were empty, I tried them on. And they were magical. They were taupe, but they felt magical. For a moment there, I forgot about the issues that my foot had and wanted these shoes so badly. In black.

Brash Konstant
That's a problem when you go to a Payless that is closing though, because you see something you like, just not in the colour you want. So the next day I went to another Payless nearby and had the same issue. Even worse now is that the sales associate is raving about how comfortable "those Brash shoes are." I asked her to check the other stores since they were all sold out online but then as we're talking about them, we realize that we're talking about different shoes. She was talking about the Komets, which had a thin heel whereas I was talking about the Komet, which has a block heel. This wasn't a problem in the slightest, except that now all the reviews and raves are for both shoes. So after she calls around, we find a store that has the two of them.

Brash Komet
 My very kind and wonderful BF took me to the Payless and I tried them both on. First I tried on the Konstant, which was the one I had resolved to get. Except that that old injury was acting up pretty darn badly. To the point that I was near tears. So I took them off and then tried on the Komet.

A bit of pain but I could walk in them. And then the pain wore off quickly.

I was thoroughly confused so I switched back to Konstant which was doing the same thing now (a bit of pain, but quickly going away).

As you can tell by the pictures, I got them both. I've been putting them on here and there in my apartment to get a feel for how the old injury will react. So far? A bit of pain, but not much. And so far, I'm loving the Konstant. I haven't figured out if either are out to replace the trusty Unlisted but perhaps time will tell. Or perhaps my foot will stop acting up.

I feel bad attempting make a decent review of these shoes, especially considering the injury so I'll throw this out there: They get ridiculously great reviews. They are a great fit, feel good (injury aside), and are very comfortable.

Perhaps one day I can finally realize my dream of getting Christian Louboutin's Bibi or maybe even Bianca. A girl can dream wildly. 

Product: Brash Konstant Block Heel Pump
Price: $29.99

Product: Brash Komet Platform Pump
Price: $24.99

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