Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review: Dew Puff Bamboo Charcoal

Items were received by Kara's Way complimentary.

As part of my routine, once a week I make use of my facial brush (you can read that review here) so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from this. Being no stranger to bamboo, I figured it would likely be a bit harsh or at least, as slightly exfoliating (translation: a tiny bit harsh) as my facial brush. Of course, I will remit myself by stating that I really really didn't know what to expect aside from an exuberant Maria (of Kara's Way fame) stating that it was quite soft and surprising.

I got the charcoal one because my skin lends itself to the oily side now while I don't have too much acne issues, it's worth noting that activated carbon assists with the prevention of breakouts.

The puff, when water is added is incredilby soft to touch and wonderfully soft on the skin. I was somewhat amazed, but then the realization as to why they say "don't wring it out" comes into play. You can feel those soft fibers and it often left my skin feeling smooth and soft.

I did use it for a few days (without a cleanser) and I was quite happy with how it worked out. Each day that I used it (for a week), I was surprised at how my face felt -- not too dry nor to oily, it was the perfect feeling for my skin. I almost wish that I could wash my face periodically throughout the day with it to retain that feeling (note: don't do this, it'll end up drying out the skin quite a bit).

As for drying it out, I keep a hanger in the bathroom over the bathtub where I hang it out after I'm done. I squeeze the sponge between the palm of my hands sometimes but very generally, I just let it dry on it's own.

Product: Dew Puff Bamboo Charcoal
Price: $7
Stars: ★★★★★
Would Recommend? Yes!
Takeaway: While rough when dry, add a bit of water and the fibers loosen up and makes for a great cleansing sponge. Leaves the skin feel great and refreshed, and that's without even adding a cleanser into the mix.

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