Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: The Body Shop Body Butters

I had first heard about these years ago from my friend who had been raving about them. I had somewhat managed to avoid them though since I never really ventured into one of The Body Shop stores. That wasn't because I had an aversion to them, but that I was pretty staunch about using cocoa butter lotions or those infused with oatmeal because of the dryness of my skin. When I went in to find a facial brush though, I figured that it was finally time to give them a shot.

So I bought four except that I was only getting two for myself and I sent two (the Mango and the Coconut) to my mom. For myself, I held onto the Chocomania and Pink Grapefruit. 

Since I'm all about coordinating, which one I use is dependent on the soap scent I'm using. Since I was alternating between a bar of Ivory soap and one from Bubbles Up! (specifically the Chocolate Fudge Marble Soap Cake) I coordinated accordingly with the body butter.

Both scents are obviously very different from one another but both are equally amazing. Their textures were also slightly different from one another. Let's start with the chocolate.

Chocomania boasts that it supplies 48 hours of hydration which is a bit longer than the standard I believe (the others are up to 24 hours). I caught it when it was in store during Valentine's Day so I inappropriately thought it was was specific only to the holiday -- turns out it's still available online. The texture is a bit chunky which is similar to that of shea butter but definitely not as hard and easy to work with. The scent is wonderful, that is, if chocolate is your thing. I would absolutely recommend this in a heartbeat since it's amazing and I'm somewhat disappointed in myself for not giving it a shot sooner.

Pink Grapefruit is an amazingly strong (and therefore delightfully) scented take on the lotion. I was actually amazed at how long lasting the scent of grapefruit was -- add to that that it's quite moisturizing. It may not be as moisturizing as the Chocomania but it still holds it own very well. The texture is slightly fluffier than the Chocomania, but that makes sense as to why.

I love them both and I honestly can't wait till they are done so I can run back in to buy some more.

Product: The Body Shop Body Butters
Price: $20
Stars: ★★★★★
Would Recommend? Yes!
Takeaway: While slightly different textures (based on the skin types that they are for), they work well, feel great, and are long lasting. They are a welcomed addition to my lineup of lotions. 

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