Thursday, July 12, 2012

Swatches: Sugarpill Cosmetics Eyeshadows

One thing that I am a sucker for -- well, aside from black eyeliners and black mascara, -- is black eyeshadows. For some reason I tend to rack these up and use them a lot. Even if they aren't very good, I'll keep them around with the confidence that come Halloween, they'd be put to good use. Ever since hearing about Sugarpill Cosmetics, I couldn't wait to give them a go but as you might have noticed, I'm very weary about colours. After all, I have a yellow undertone and it seems to kill the joy as it sucks the colour out of makeup. It's a fine line to tread so I decided to play it safe for my order from Sugarpill -- I'd buy colours that I always use on Halloween. 

This was my haul! And I got a bit carried away since there were a couple things that I wanted to give a try. The very noticeable first thing is false lashes! I've never worn false lashes before since my own are pretty full so I figured that if I were going to give them a try then I should go big.

In my box I got the CatEye False Lashes, Daydreamer, Flutter, and the adhesive. I have yet to really try them out just yet. (You can check out a slightly close up picture of the eyelashes here.)

For eyeshadows, I sprang for the Chromalust Stella Loose Eyeshadow (which is black) and for the pressed eyeshadows I got Bulletproof, Love+, and Tako. (You can check out a closeup of the eyeshadows here).
Initial swatch without the primer.

From left to right on the initial swatch, you're looking at Stella (the loose powder), Love+, Tako, and finally Bulletproof.

This was exactly what I was expecting for the makeup without a primer. They come off a bit weak however they still show potential for when the primer is applied. Generally speaking, the white and red usually disappears on me so I'm forced to use stage makeup. This was a refreshing change that at least they were kind of showing.

Second swatch with primer.
The picture below for the second swatch shows them with primer. And yes, I did use all clean brushes so I don't really know what happened to the red there. however, you get a smoother application with the primer and I know it looks much cleaner.

The great part is that at this point during the secondary swatch, there's the potential to build on the colour. Now with a clean and even application this can definitely be built upon which is another good sign. The only one that I'm still on the fence about is the loose eyeshadow but since that one is the one with all the glitter (which I wasn't able to capture), I assume that if I pair it with the Bulletproof pressed eyeshadow that I can get the dark black that I am looking for.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with but it remains to be seen how well it all pulls together. So hopefully soon in the future I can actually pull together a look with the eyeshadows and the eyelashes. 

Sugarpill Cosmetics sells all of the pressed and loose eyeshadows for $12 each. The eyelashes range from $5 - $8 and the adhesive is $6.

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