Monday, July 30, 2012

Reputation Grinds

Thanks to my friends, my interest in WoW has been piqued although it comes with some unintended consequences. Mainly... I do what I want and I probably won't be playing much with them. This is generally the way it goes down: Friends get super serious about WoW and I flee into a world of whismy because WoW is supposed to be relaxing for me and not stressful. Translation: I'm a terrible player. In fact that majority of my screenshots starting from 2007 are all of my toons dancing.

Except for when I did useful things.

Like get a bunch of Hefflalumps (Elekks).

Lately though (since dinging 85), I've been interested in reputation grinds. Mind you I still haven't completed the full Alliance faction rep grind, but you name some offhand small faction and all of a sudden I want it.  I don't need it and it won't help me, but I love it. Take the Sha'tari Skyguard, I played through this area and made a mental note: Come back. You need to find out more about these people. Why are they in the trees and what's up with the Skettis hate? Of course, some time past and then earlier this year I decided it was time to return. And so I did it, I got Exalted (even though I can't remember why I told myself to do it in the first place). And then I remembered why. When you get Exalted you can buy the fry as a pet, but I forgot about that just as I forgot that these people give you a mount (one that you must buy, but still).

So now with my interest waking up, I look at my bookmark bar and I know that grinding for Aldor is next. I don't remember why, but I know that it's the goal. I'll find out at the end why I put in that work but two years from now when I finally do it and finish it, it will be like a sweet surprise to myself. You're welcome future Lei.

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