Monday, April 23, 2012

Review: Naturally Fresh Papaya Fusion Roll-On

Lately I've been kind of obsessed with natural deodorant, so I apologize if that is not up your alley. If it is, read on! Anyhow a few months ago, I noticed that my Crystal Essence Lavender & White Tea Roll-On (read the review here) wasn't really holding up much especially since while at work, I sit next to a small heater. Sure, I do walk with it in order to reapply periodically throughout the day, but this led me to investigate other options. I came across this YouTube review by Blue Ott Lisa and figured that I had to keep my eyes peeled for the Naturally Fresh Papaya Fusion Roll-On deodorant she mentioned.

Go figure that I found it on sale at Whole Foods. Those of you familiar with the Crystal Essence line will find a lot of similarities between the two -- just different scents. There is a lot of different varieties in the Naturally Fresh line which includes the crystal, a spray mist, and at some point I could have sworn I saw deodorant wipes (but don't quote me on that). The roll-ons come in these scents: regular (which I assume is unscented), Ocean Breeze, Lavender, Tropical Breeze, and of course, Papaya Fusion.

Ever since my days at Lush, I've alternated deodorants (whether all natural or with an antiperspirant) -- so I will always have at least two and I switch them each day. Why do I do this? Well, my body adjust very quickly to these kinds of things so in a way it keeps things different. So I am still using the Crystal Essence roll-on, just every other day.

They both are quite comparable to one another. But let me focus on the Papaya Fusion. I love the scent of it and throughout a normal day, it performs well. I do have to reapply at least twice a day, but that's fine with me. There are no real downfalls with this one, the only thing I don't like is that the bottle is transparent so I can't tell how much of it I have gotten through.

I'd honestly have to say that in comparison to the Crystal Essence (CE), both are the same. They work well, but you will have to reapply it throughout the day (you're definitely looking at reapplying it once and number increases as the heat does). The ball of the roll-on for Naturally Fresh (NF) is much larger than the CE one however it doesn't pick up as much of the liquid as CE (so CE has a smaller ball which grabs more liquid, the NF has a larger ball that doesn't pick up as much liquid). The CE bottle is transparent so you can see how much of the way you are through, and the NF doesn't have that so you'd have to shake it to figure out how much is left.

Overall, it's worth it -- especially if you're used to natural or crystal rock deodorants. If you're packing the switch to a natural deodorant from an antiperspirant then be aware that you might be a bit disappointed. These types won't last the whole day and require reapplication. The base of this deodorant is Alum (Potassium or Ammonium) and the product is propylene glycol free and paraben free.

Price: $3 - $10 (depending on where you find it)
Would Recommend? Yes. 
Takeaway: Definitely worth it as it is comparable to Crystal Essence's roll-ons. You will likely need to reapply throughout the day but that seems almost typical of a natural deodorant. Great scents and a good selection as well.

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