Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update: Impress Manicure

On Thursday night of last week I decided to try out the Impress Manicure and sadly by Sunday night, I was annoyed with them (I'll explain) and took them off. I didn't think I could last a week, even though the packaging advertises that they can. Am I skeptical that they can last that long? Not really, I just didn't like how they fit.

Let me explain. After I made the original post, the next night the index finger on my right hand popped off. I didn't really make a big deal of it; they give you plenty of extras so I just put on a new one. The next day, the index finger on my left hand popped off and again I replaced it. But thinking about it, if I was dishes everyday where I'm exposed to hot water, then sure we could see a problem. But there was more. If I kept up like this, then I'd run out of extras especially if I need to replace a nail a day. I kept them on anyway but that created a dent in my experience with them and it only got a bit more negative from there.

By day two the edges were worn down and the paint was receding. The gap between the nail and my cuticle seemed to widen (though it probably wasn't) however it was only noticeable by me because after trying to wash my hair, it just kept getting caught under the nail with the glue. Plus having to replace two nails meant that I couldn't quite get the same size so they weren't covering my nail properly. Add to that they just felt really obvious.

Now I've worn fake nails before and while I know it's been a while, although I was impressed by them for a short period of time, for the long haul I didn't think they'd be that good. I think they are great if you need to get your nails done quickly (or on the go) but on a day-to-day basis I don't know if they could hold up well.

Product: Impress Manicure by Broadway in Holla!
Price: $7.99
Would Recommend? With caution.
Takeaway: Easy to apply and great if you're on the go; the only catch I can see to this is that you should have short nails as they are pretty short themselves. They do not seem as though they can last throughout a week, especially if you do household cleaning.

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