Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress

I saved this one for last especially since I was trying to give my nails a short break. One of the things that I like about these is that they are in essence stickers so you'd have to peel them off. Sure the nail might not like it much, but at least it's not as abrasive.

The one I received is called "Bodysuit" and it's basically a blend of pink, white, and purple with cheetah prints. Not quite in line with my taste but hey, I'd try it anyway. There are definitely a few others that I'd consider using depending on how these last throughout the week.

My nails were already cleaned off from before so I didn't need to prep them beforehand (preparation is basically cleaning your nails with alcohol or nail polish remover). This time round I didn't need to push back any cuticles or anything so I was all set to go.

The box comes with 28 strips that are contained in three sheets (and are plastic wrapped to assure they won't dry out before you can get to them). Originally when I went through them I was going to go for a pedicure, but felt that there would be too much shaping needed from me so since I was lazy (actually I was doing laundry so I didn't have the time to shape them properly) I just did a manicure. Overall, the selection at first, seemed quite slim as though there weren't exact matches to my nails. Turns out I was wrong, I was able to get through matching quickly and got the nail stickers on in 30 minutes.

But to me, that seemed kind of long. Let me explain that -- I tend to grab stickers or nail polish strips when I'm in a rush and I've come to know that I won't find exact matches of a nail and that the speed with which one can work depends on the tools that comes in the kit. This time, I had perfect matches (well, almost perfect) but the nail file took forever. It took a few swipes in order to get the excess off so what should have taken 10-15 minutes took a bit longer and required the use of a cuticle trimmer to get it done faster.

By the time I had to go switch my laundry from the washer to the dryer, my manicure was complete. But now since I needed to wait longer, I figured that since I had 17 stickers left (I played with one to see what it's stickiness level was) and that I now had the time to do a pedicure, why not? Shaping them took much longer because all the perfect fits probably went on my hand. As a result it took me about 45 minutes (hey, remember that I'm still doing laundry so it requires me to stop midway and run around my apartment and then the laundry room). 

Anyhow, long story short, the application process isn't so bad. It may require a bit of shaping in order to get both a manicure and a pedicure out of it, but not too bad. We'll see how they last throughout the week (or in my case, the next 2-3 days) but so far, I'm pretty happy with them. I do wish a better file was given in the pack, seriously that thing is weaksauce.

I wonder what I'm going to wear to match with these nails now...

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary through the VoxBox product testing program.

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