Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Comparison of Colour Eyeliners

A midst my attempt to clear out and consolidate my makeup, I happened to find quite a few eyeliners (okay, not that many) lying around. In colours. o_O (In case we haven't established this, I love black eyeliner however it has been a personal quest to pull of teal or plum eyeliner). Unfortunately the selection was somewhat limited the Ulta Kohl Eye Liner Pencils and e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Liners.  Nonetheless, here are some images that illustrate fun with swatches.

I apologize for the messiness in the last image (Revlon Beyond Natural Primer) because it was somewhat shaky (and I was trying to do it with my left hand). Also a reminder from yesterday, e.l.f.'s primer gives me a chalky appearance (which explains why the panel in the center looks lighter).

From top to bottom:

1. e.l.f. in Plum
2. Ulta in Moss
3. e.l.f. in Midnight
4. e.l.f. in Gilded
5. Ulta in Black/Brown
6. e.l.f. in Ash

Let's get the obvious out of the way. I used e.l.f. in Ash just yesterday in which it appeared black (and has always appeared black) and today it looks like a blend of gray and navy. I played with a couple times and couldn't figure that out. So that might be concerning if a colour just opts to change.

Okay so, still the same observations that I had with the black eyeliners and that is that the primers do very little. Sure, they are not the greatest photos however take a look at the image below. (The left is on top of the Revlon primer, the center is without primer, and the right is with the e.l.f. primer).
Left is with the Revlon primer, center is without any primer,
and the right is with elf's primer.

With all of the e.l.f. liners, they became much harder to apply with the primer. I really struggled to get them on. Add to that that with a normal primer, they don't do so well.

With some of the e.l.f. liners, you can see that while used with an e.l.f. primer, the colour improves a bit. But really the majority of them look fine without a primer.

Of all of them though, the most impressive has been the Ulta pencil in Moss. That second row that is green? Amazing. The Ulta pencil in Black/brown is also somewhat good -- but note that on the far left of the image, it becomes a bit light and that was on a standard primer.

So yeah, maybe you want to skip the primer on the e.l.f. liners.

Product: e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Liners
Price: $1 (each)
Would Recommend? No
Takeaway: They've got a decent colour to them but for me, they aren't long lasting. They also do not pair well with primers that are not in the same brand. They do pair well with their own eyelid primer, but it leaves a chalky appearance.

Product: Ulta Kohl Eye Liner Pencils
Price: $7 (each)
Would Recommend? Depends on the colour.
Takeaway: For some shades (like the green) you get a strong colour that lasts. For some (like the brown) it depends on the primer if you'll get a strong colour or not.

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