Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sick Kittens & the Battle of Humidifiers

The kittens are back at normal speed, running around the house and climbing all over their new cat tree. But when they were sick two weeks ago, it seemed like forever. Probably because I was also sick at the same time and let's face it, that's not fun either. Shiva had to have multiple trips to the vet to be checked out and was given lots of medication. Then he passed on that sickness to his brother, who luckily didn't get it as badly.

Sadly, the kittens got confined to our bedroom where I had a humidifier running for them. When we first saw the signs of sickness (which seemed like conjunctivitis but it might have been something else), I started doing the research to figure out if I should have a vaporizer or a humidifier running for Shiva (since he was sick first). It didn't take much research for me to settle on a humidifier simply because a kitten cooped up in a room with a vaporizer who may or may not be attended just didn't equate to a good scenario for me.

I ended up picking up the V3100 Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier because basically it's made for a smaller room and... well, I didn't check the reviews on it before I purchased. At this point, I will warn you... just don't. After I got it, I read the reviews but realized that it looks as though they switched the caps around so I figured that maybe they fixed the problem. Nope. For the first few days it worked out incredibly well but then the trouble started and that was mainly the leaking. No matter how much I fought with it in the bathroom to stay on correctly, by the time it back into the bedroom it would leak. There were one to two times whereby it leaked a little bit, but not enough to warrant concern. Then one day the whole gallon leaked out and you can imagine on a wall to wall rug, that it took a few days to dry.

We ended up returning it to the store and after much research into a better alternative, we decided (well rather, it was the only one we could get our hands on immediately for the sick kittens) on "Elliot the Elephant." I personally wanted Merlin the Dragon but we couldn't wait for it to be shipped out.

Elliot the Elephant
Yep, so it turns out that this particularly odd shaped humidifier has some of the best reviews around the web:

The kittens have been feeling better but as a precaution, we've been running the humidifier at night. Partially because I also feel a lot better waking up with it. So the moral of the story is that baby websites are pretty awesome sometimes when you have two sick kittens. 

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