Monday, January 28, 2013

Blast from the Past: Calgon Get Juiced Lip Shimmer in Juicy Nude

I seem to collect lip balms and I've amassed quite a collection. So I apologize if lip balms aren't your thing but I've got a lot to get through. So here's a random but important thing about me: I really enjoy finishing products. I don't generally loose lip balms or lip glosses but I always make it a goal to finish a tube. This kind of makes my reviews a bit complex since I need to finish them before I can move on to the next. The reason why I say this is that this particular tube, albeit small, has been in use for months... I've also had it for years (just didn't get around to using it till recently).

I'm not really sure where I got it from -- I think it was a gift from Devi but my memory is fuzzy on that bit. Back when she first moved to Canada she would send nifty items that weren't really seen in the States and I think this was one of them. Mostly because whatever information I could find about them states that they were a limited edition that was packaged with other bath products and I'm pretty sure that back in 2007-2008 I was unable to find Calgon products in general. 

That gives you an idea of how old it is and to create a bit more context, I didn't start using it till late last year (2012). It actually does hold up well -- the scent and shimmer is very good. I didn't use it when I first got it so I don't have a "past" to compare it to. As a new product that just happens to be old, it works out decently enough. I say decently because I wasn't a fan of the texture as it was a bit chalky which is to be expected from a 4 year old lip balm.

What I accidentally did do one day was to leave it behind my laptop and upon it warming up, the scent came out a lot more and the chalky texture disappeared. As a result, I always leave it near my laptop so that it's not just within reach, but also so that I can get that vibrant fruity scent and an easier application. Overall, the scent and even the taste is slightly tropical and while it gives off a lot of shimmer, there is luckily no colour. In terms of moisturizing, it's not the best as I find that I have to reapply often. 

You can still find tubes of these floating around on eBay for a range of $3-$5 dollars. 

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