Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blast from the Past: Almay Whipped Gloss in Wine Glass

I bought this one years ago (alongside with the Almay Pure Tints Protective Lip Care and I had high hopes for it. I'm not sure how or why it ended up in storage but it was probably because I had switched to lipsticks for a bit. (Side note: I have a preference for lip glosses). I loved the colour then as I do now but I'm not sure how well I wear it.

It's kind of like an apple red (specifically Red Delicious) than wine but at the end of the day, it's a pretty nice hue of red. The problem is though what's in the tube doesn't quite translate on my face.

As you'll note, the lip gloss is very light and while it seems quite pigmented, it's not. It's more akin to a tinted moisturizer rather than... well, a tinted lip gloss? Okay, I'm just being silly but I've had some pretty pigmented lip glosses in my time.

Overall, I rather like this one and can easily see myself alternating between it and a lip balm. It glides on well since it has a brush applicator and the formula is smooth -- not too watery, clumpy, or thick. Given that it doesn't have much pigmentation when applied, I can't speak to longevity so I treat as a tinted moisturizer.

I'm not entirely sure if this one is in production as some vendors are still carrying it but I'm leaning toward "discontinued."

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