Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Black Sneakers

Okay, before I decided to wear more colours, my standard outfits were black, gray, and white shirts (or any combination of those colours) with blue jeans. For a while my custom Converses (in those colours) worked out very well except that the padding isn't very good on Chucks. So I decided to upgrade a few years ago and opted for the Nike Air Force One's in all black. They were certainly awesome, but I started to take the advice of my friend Leo who mentioned that I should try to replace them every 6 months (or a year, which ever came first). 

It came time to replace them and I wanted all black sneakers again since it was easier to coordinate with them. Since I bought my North Face Hedgehogs off of ShoeBuy, I figured I'd try there first. I ended up coming upon the Kalso line of shoes and sneakers which looked really interesting (aside from seeming to have a food philosophy).

I did check around some more and ended up purchasing the Earth Exer-Trainer 2 Sneakers from the Sierra Trading Post. Upon receiving them, not only was the "negative heel" (basically there is a 3.7° incline), I also noticed that the soles were biodegradable which made me very interested in trying to stick to more eco-friendly options. So when it came time to replace the old shoes, I looked to the Kalso line again.

This time round I decided on two: Kalso Earth Exer-Walk Shoes and Kalso Earth Prosper Shoes. Now I haven't tried out the Prosper shoes just yet but I have been wearing the Exer-Walk shoes since I got them and I love them. They feel a bit more sturdier than the Exer-Trainers -- though we'll see how it pans out in the future.

Overall, I really like the Kalso Earth line (although the branding confuses me since sometimes they are listed as: Kalso Earth, Earth, and Earthies. You can check out the website to see everything that they have and it's a pretty good selection. The Prosper shoe is actually vegan, which is nice.

Just a note: The Exer-Trainer didn't have good reviews but I still sprang for them anyway since I it matches my wardrobe much better. They were great so when I saw the reviews for the Exer-Walk, I wasn't deterred and frankly, they've been great (even better) than the Trainers.

And don't forget to check Ebates! I purchase almost all my sneakers online and I always go through Ebates*.

* Denotes a referral link.

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