Monday, December 17, 2012

Taking On the World of Disney

For my birthday, my boyfriend and I decided to take on Disney World which was an epic adventure and a lot of fun. It had been 13 years since I had been there and I was excited to experience it all again. I'm generally not big on celebrating my birthday but I figured that in the sea of people, it was easy to go unnoticed, even if you are wearing a large pin that says "Happy Birthday."

It was early but I was ready
for Magic Kingdom. 
Anyhow, let's talk about makeup since Florida is different both temperature wise and climate wise. It's wonderfully warm down there during December and humidity was around the high 50's. So what does this translate to? Well, first, let's consider what was in my makeup bag.

The things I brought along with me: My entire makeup bag which included included the CVS Illuminating Moisturizer with SPF and my Cover FX makeup (the pressed mineral powder and the setting powder). I also walked with all of my eyeliners, mascara, makeup brushes, and makeup sponges.

I did leave behind a lot of my eye shadows, but truth be told, I didn't have any intention of wearing them anyway. The Disney World parks are intense and the one thing you probably don't want to do is wear too much makeup if you have oily skin. I walked with copious amounts of blotting sheets in the event that my makeup would run.

As it turns out, the weather was quite amicable toward my makeup so I had no problem keeping it on. A word of caution though, as you might have noticed with my picture on the right, I went light with my makeup.

I have no news to really report about makeup, but as always, there was something new that I tried on my trip. This time it was a body lotion and a shampoo.

New Items: Dial NutriSkin Replenishing Body Lotion Sensitive Skin and Seventh Generation Baby Shampoo & Wash.

Dial NutriSkin isn't new to me -- a few months ago I tried out the Extra Dry Skin version (and conveniently forgot to write a review about it) and found that I liked it a lot. The only thing I wasn't thrilled with was that I just couldn't find it everywhere which is a problem when it comes time to buy a new bottle.

This time round during a trip to Publix to stock up, the Extra Dry Skin version wasn't anywhere to be found but the Sensitive Skin was. It was also the smallest bottle I could find that would be the best option for our vacation for the week.

I don't know if anyone else ever has this problem but the soaps that you get when vacation can be incredibly drying. When I was done washing my hands or taking a shower my skin would appear ashy white. Thankfully I had this lotion to revive my skin and every single time it made me so happy we sprang for it. They generally go for about ~$5 so at that price, it's not a huge risk to take either. It feels great on the skin, especially one that has been stripped of moisture so I would most definitely recommend this to anyone who has particularly dry skin.

Moving on to the shampoo, I've been keeping to shampoos that are free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, and dyes as best I can. After scouring the selection of normal shampoos without much luck, I headed on over to the infant's section and quickly found a close alternative for the trip. The Seventh Generation Baby Shampoo & Wash does have sulfates, but it doesn't contain parabens or silicones which was a trade I was willing to make fore a short amount of time. I kind of wish I had a loofah so that I could make use of the wash instead of suffering with the bar of soap. The bottle ranges from $6-$8 depending on the location.

My hair was wonderful during the trip which I attribute to the climate of Florida. It constantly appeared bouncy and wurly without ever seeming drab. I think the key item on this trip would have been the lotion because I didn't need the other products nearly as much. As for my hair, I noticed the difference after washing my hair the first day and upon our return to home, my hair return to it's lifeless state again. I think with the previous trips I learned that my skin and hair aren't always going to act the way I expect them to so it's best to be on your toes about visiting a new area that hasn't a different climate.

And now for some quick Disney tips! LeFou's Brew at Gaston's Tavern is an interesting blend and quite sugary. The souvenir cups are wonderfully cute too! For those of you with Disney World in your future, I will strongly recommend Undercover Tourist, not just for the discounted tickets (they are an authorized seller of discount tickets for Disney and Universal Studios, along with some other attractions in the Orlando area)  but also for their blog which is loaded with great tips. 


  1. I'm glad you had a great time in Disney World. I want to visit there so badly. I must meet my Aladdin. :) As for hair, I'm also trying to use no sulfate, silicone, parabens, etc. now that I've stopped chemically straightening my hair and growing it out. I was using Biotin Shampoo & the conditioner from Mill Creek.
    The shampoo is great, even though it has sodium myreth sulfate, which is not the usual sulfates we see in shampoos but its still a sulfate, so I don't use it a lot. I still have it in my closet for when I run out of the Shea Moisture, which I use now, or to use it occasionally as my clarifying shampoo. I found the conditioner however, left my hair very tangled and it had a form of chloride & alcohol in it, so I stopped using it. I've now switched to the Shea Moisture line. I love it. My hair felt so soft after shampooing and conditioning with it. It's still breaking, so I'm 90 sure I'm just going to cut off the unhealthy hair. I think the Shea Moisture line would be good for your curly hair. :)

    1. WDW is definitely worth the trip (and Undercover Tourist has a lot of tips along with the Disney related subreddits). Plus from your area it is much cheaper than flying from where I am.

      Shea Moisture has started to pop up a variety of stores around here (finally) but they are still pricey at $10 per bottle (whereas the baby shampoos and Pure Clean are under $5. They are definitely on my list to try but perhaps after the dust as settled (since I'm in the process of moving).

      Yeah, unfortunately when you make the switch you uncover the secret lurking breakage so you either need to switch back to mask it or cut it off and start anew. That's mostly why I've been treating my hair the same if it were long instead of treating it like an outgrown bob haircut (meaning, I never blow dried or straightened it, and I keep a meticulous routine).

    2. Well, I cut my hair really short, tiny afro today. I couldn't take the breakage. The hair would come out so easily when I washed it, so it was time to start anew. Funny that you said baby shampoo. My stylist recommended I switch to Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo for awhile since it's mild, to see if that helps with my scalp issue.



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