Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: Sheswai Lacquer in Earthy

When I first saw these I thought they were pretty nifty -- and not just because they are made sustainably harvested wood for the caps and 3 free (which means they are free of Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene), but they come in wonderful colours. If you've been following this blog, then you might have noticed that I've been on a nail polish kick so I was entirely excited when Maria of Kara's Way said that this would be featured in an upcoming box (the December 2012 box, to be precise).

So I got "Earthy" which is a Mauve Taupe colour in the bottle. I can't really find out much about it so I wonder if it was from a limited run. The closest thing to it on the website is "Rootsy" which is described as a "rich roasted caramel pumpkin color of the earth." It is a slight bit darker than the Rootsy though.

Here's a fun thing about the nail polish though -- I had no idea that it has a deep opacity. I painted my nails with one coat and was surprised at the coverage. The nail polish is a bit liquid like but it covers a lot. I had to run out of the house after the first coat so I didn't get to add a second coat or a top coat but notice below how well it held up (the picture on the right -- you can click it to enlarge it). Keep in mind there was a lot of heavy lifting and packing involved which means that this is a pretty impressive performance for a nail polish.

Now you will likely notice that on me and my wonderful undertones, the nail polish strikes me more as a brownish colour as it seems more akin to chestnut. The mauve taupe is a bit lost on me, but still something worth appreciating in terms of performance.

As I type this, I'm waiting for the second coat to completely dry out and you can see it in action in the picture to the right. (Yes, I'm holding a laser pointer in the shape of a mouse). The nail polish is amazingly shiny and it was kind of hard to capture a good picture. Overall, I think this nail polish is highly impressive and they've got some beautiful colours on the website that I can't wait to get my hands on.

Any nail polish addict should look into these nail polishes because aside from the beautiful packaging, the formula itself is surprising. After all, while it comes of being liquid like, it has good coverage and great opacity for just one coat. Not to mention the glossiness which is just amazing since I haven't even put on the top coat just yet.

This product is slated to be featured in an upcoming Kara's Way box and was given to me complimentary for my evaluation.

Product: Sheswai Lacquer in Earthy
Price: $16
Would Recommend? Yes!
Takeaway: If you're a nail polish addict then you're going to want to give this one a try. Even if you're not, note that I actually took a picture of just one coat to show the opacity and coverage and it survived heavy lifting pretty well. It has a nice glossy finish to it and overall, it's one of those things that looks beautiful (package wise), performs well, and makes you feel a bit better about their overall practices as a company (if that's your thing).

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