Monday, December 31, 2012

Day of Foundation Samples

The month of December was pretty busy -- with vacation and moving, and let's not get started about the move. The move meant that a lot of my makeup got shook up in the process and made me realize that I had a lot of samples. So I took out an hour and decided to get through some of my samples. Now the problem with samples is that they aren't selected to match your skin type so while I tried to take a lot of photos, a lot of them didn't quite turn out all that well.

Almost everything I used below was a sample size, with the exception of the Cover FX in M80 (which is now G70 in the new chart). Also note that I already covered the primer that I used in my Primer Samples post.

Cleanser: First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser (Retail: $18).
Primer: Sephora Collection Perfecting Ultra-Smoothing Primer
 - Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation in M80 (Retail: $35)
 - Per-fékt Skin Perfection Gel in Radiant (Retail: $57.50)
 - bareMinerals READY in Medium Beige (Retail: $29)
 - Stila Stay All Day 10-In-1 HD Beauty Balm (Retail: $38)
 - Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer in Warm (Retail: $44)

On the left is bareMinerals and
the right is Stila.
The first comparison I did was with the bareMinerals READY and the Stila Stay All Day 10-In-1 HD Beauty Balm. The picture on the right shows the two of them side by side. Now as I mentioned, the colour that I got for the bareMinerals sample doesn't match so it gave a ghastly appearance. Thus I will not judge it based on that. What I think we can note is how the flash reflects off my skin. Mineral powder for the most part doesn't fare well against a camera, but even without looking at a picture, I can tell you that the BB really surprised me. It went on smoothly and covered my skin well.

On the left is CoverFX and
the right is Stila.
This one is even harder to see than the previous rendition of two-face but on the right is my CoverFX foundation that I use everyday and on the right is the Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer in Warm. I was actually pretty intrigued by how the Stila foundation worked -- it was a bit darker than what I'm used to so I really had to blend it in. It kind of gave my skin a bit of a light tan almost. It's not hard to work with, but very pigmented. When I washed it off, it was kind of like pouring out chocolate milk.

The Stila foundations by this point were quite easy to work with -- but I have to say that in the past, I've never had a problem with them. I think they are great but they always seem to give me a slight tint. The BB cream though was spot on and evened out my skin without adding that tint or hint of colour, which is a nice change.

For the Per-fékt foundation, I didn't really have anything left to compare it to. It has a lighter tint than the Stila Stay all Day Foundation (not the BB version) which made me a bit less discerning about working it in. Given that it's a gel, it seemed easier to apply than the Stila but has equal the amount of coverage. It's incredibly moisturizing as a result which I liked. It does strike me as a tinted primer though only because of the way it feels.

Truth be told though that if I were to make a switch from my CoverFX powder, it would probably be to the BB cream. I'm not a huge fan of liquids or gels, even though they might perform better (I can't attest to the longevity of these foundations). Plus there's the point of mineral foundation not coming off as flattering due to the flash element. Either way, the Per-fékt and both Stila foundations are working out very well.

To close, between each swatch, I used the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser and my face was quite happy with that decision. In the past I've had to wait 30 minutes between each swatch because the cleanser would be rough on my skin and cause a rise in the redness. This time my skin didn't flare up with redness and I was able to get through the swatches quickly. I double checked and realized that the cleanser was good for sensitive skin which probably helps. This might have to be a future purchase once my current cleanser is done. 

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