Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: Essence of Beauty Teardrop Sponges

Earlier this year I decided to give cosmetic wedges a try (you can check out that review by clicking here) and since then, I've almost exclusively used them for foundation and finishing powder. Every time I mention this when I'm in a makeup store, everyone comments about how I'm wasting product with sponges. But here's the thing about using them, I get a much better application of the foundation and finishing powder. I also use them to apply blush. 

Though I've used the wedges almost exclusively, I have tossed in some different sponges here or there. The Beauty Blender is one of them (but that's a post for another time) and these teardrop sponges have been another. I actually got the teardrop sponges before I got the Beauty Blender but I tend to go back to my wedges. For some reason I think of them as being a bit more sanitary than anything else I keep in my makeup kits.


I wash them after single use. That includes my teardrop sponges. On one side of the sponge, I'll use the pointed end I work the foundation in. I usually then flip it over and use the other side of the pointed edge to work in the finishing powder. The other end -- the fuller end, I use to work in blush. And that's how I use the regular wedges as well. 

They give an even application and allow for the products to be worked in well. This likely occurs only because it picks up more product so keep that in mind. They are incredibly easy to clean and take about 3 days to fully dry out (or rather, I give them three days to fully dry out whereas they are probably fully dried after the second day).

Whether you're all about the brushes, sponges, or a mix of both, I think these particular teardrop sponges are a great addition to your train case. They are multipurpose when it comes to makeup so you don't have to think of them as just being for foundation or finishing powder. They are great for blending eyeshadows as well. These feel good and are easy to handle. I think they are great in addition to my wedges, though cannot serve as a replacement for me since at times they do feel a bit bigger than what I'm used to (this is specific to how they feel in comparison to the wedges). 

Product: Essence of Beauty Teardrop Sponges
Price: $3.99
Would Recommend? Yes!
Takeaway: I love wedges to the point where I use them almost exclusively -- the exception being these particular teardrop sponges which not only feel good but are easy to use. I will caution that sponges (wedges and even Beauty Blenders) pick up much more makeup which is what causes the fantastically even application. That is your call as what you want to do but I will say that keeping some sponges around as a backup in your makeup kit would be a rather good call. 

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