Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Eco-DenT Extrabrite

I wanted to give a special nod to this one because I'm a huge fan of red wines. Being a huge fan of red wines often means though that there is a bit of staining on the teeth. I do have quick whitening system and I use toothpastes that have whitening aspects, but over time, I have to head to the dentist to get a proper cleaning. Recently when I found out that my boyfriend's toothpaste had run out, we had to borrow one from his sister. But it turns out that she doesn't use conventional toothpaste -- she warned us that she uses a powder and then handed us the bottle.

I'm no stranger to the "unconventional" toothpastes, gels, or powders (after all, does anyone remember Lush's Black Toothgel?). You use it similarly to how you would a paste; I usually wet my brush first then sprinkle a bit on. You don't have to use a lot since it really lathers up as you use it. After one use I noticed that the red wine stains were slowly reducing. Sure, they weren't completely gone but it was certainly helping quite a bit. I still do need to use my whitening system, but it helps when you have a proper regime in place.

Or I could stop drinking red wine, but that's never going to happen. 

A bit about the tooth powder itself is that it's a whitener without fluoride. The base of it is baking soda (amongst other items) and it has a minty taste to it. I wasn't too surprised at it itself, but I was (for some reason) really surprised at how it was helping the stains. I was kind of sad when we found our tube of toothpaste and we had to hand the powder back.

I haven't found these in store however I was told that Andronico's and maybe even Whole Foods might carry it. You can definitely get them online for $8.99 at Eco-DenT.

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